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Jérémie (Creole: Jeremi) is an arrondissement in the Grand'Anse Department of Haiti.

It has 170,408 inhabitants.[1] Postal codes in the Jérémie Arrondissement start with the number 71.


The arondissement consists of the following municipalities:


In the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, a food aide convoy transporting aide delivered to Jérémie Airport through Jérémie, encountered a hijacking attempt by 20 men, on Saturday 30 January 2010.[2]


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Coordinates: 18°39′00″N 74°07′00″E / 18.65°N 74.1167°E / 18.65; 74.1167

fr:Arrondissement de Jérémie it:Arrondissement di Jérémie ht:Jeremi (awondisman) nl:Jérémie (arrondissement) ja:ジェレミー郡 pt:Jeremias (arrondissement)