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Jacmel (Creole: Jakmèl) is an arrondissement in the Sud-Est Department of Haiti. It has 246,262 inhabitants.[1] Postal codes in the Jacmel Arrondissement start with the number 91.

Communes in the arrondissement

The arondissement consists of the following municipalities:


2010 7.0 earthquake

Jacmel, a city with many French colonial heritage buildings, was devastated by a 7.0 magnitude tremblor on 12 January 2010, collapsing much of that heritage architecture.[2]


The largest health centre/hospital in the region is Saint-Michel in Jacmel. It was severely damaged in the 12 January 2010 quake.[3]


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Coordinates: 18°14′00″N 72°32′00″E / 18.2333°N 72.5333°E / 18.2333; 72.5333

fr:Arrondissement de Jacmel it:Arrondissement di Jacmel ht:Jakmèl (awondisman) nl:Jacmel (arrondissement) ja:ジャクメル郡 pt:Jacmel (arrondissement)