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Map of Chad showing Kanem.
Map of Chad showing Kanem.
Regional capitalMao

Kanem is one of the 22 regions of Chad, corresponding to the former prefecture of Kanem. Its capital is Mao. It is named after the famous Kanem Empire, which was centered in this vicinity.

The region of Kanem is divided into 3 departments:

Departement Capital Sub-prefectures
Kanem Mao Mao, Kekedina, Melea, Wadjigui
Nord Kanem Nokou Nokou, Rig Rig, Ziguey, Ntiona
Wadi Bissam Mondo Mondo, Am Doback


Kanem is traversed by the northeasterly line of equal latitude and longitude.


The population of the region was 280,804 in 1993, of whom 269,846 were settled (rural: 239,104; urban: 30,742) and 10,956 were nomads.

The principal ethnico-linguistic groups are the Daza (48,25 %), the Kanembu (40,54 %) and Baggara Arabs (4,97 %).

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Coordinates: 14°07′10″N 15°18′48″E / 14.1194°N 15.3133°E / 14.1194; 15.3133

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