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Kasai is a province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Prior to the 2006 Constitution, it formed part of the Kasai-Occidental province; its neighbor to the southeast, Lulua Province, was also formed from Kasai-Occidental. It is also bordered by Kwango Province to the southwest, Sankuru Province, Tshuapa Province, Kwilu Province, Mai-Ndombe Province, and the nation of Angola in the south.




bg:Касаи es:Kasaï fr:Kasaï (province Constitution 2005) kg:Kasayi (kizunga) hu:Kasai tartomány nl:Kasaï (provincie) no:Kasaï (provins) pl:Kasai (prowincja) pt:Kasaï (província) ro:Provincia Kasaï sv:Kasaï (provins) wa:Province do Kasai war:Kasai (lalawigan) zh:开赛省