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CountryFlag of Haiti.svg Haiti
 • Total4,000

Kenscoff is a town in the Ouest Department of Haiti, located in mountainous country some 10 kilometres to the southeast of the capital Port au Prince. The altitude is approximately 1500 meters. Because of its altitude, the temperature is on average cooler than the capital and during winter months it can become quite cold; cold enough to warrant a sweater or a jacket. It has a population of around 4000. The town is a quiet yet vibrant community that, despite its small size, has a rather vivid nightlife. Because of the concentration of some nocturnal social establishments, the so-called nightlife has started to increase and a large percentage of Haiti's frequently wealthier mixed population is present.

The weekly market is the destination for many rural farmers who may walk for 8 hours over the mountains from Seguin to sell vegetables. After selling vegetables they buy seeds and/or fertilizer and walk back 20 kilometers. Sometimes, people from Kenscoff take public transportation to Petionville at 4 am to sell their vegetables there.

Coordinates: 18°27′N 72°17′W / 18.450°N 72.283°W / 18.450; -72.283

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