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Location within Botswana
Location within Botswana
Country Botswana
 • Total105,200 km2 (40,600 sq mi)
 (2001 census)
 • Total42,049
 • Density0.40/km2 (1.0/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (Central Africa Time)

Kgalagadi is a district in southwest Botswana, lying along the country's border with Namibia and South Africa. The administrative center is Tshabong. Kgalagadi covers a vast area of the Kalahari Desert. It has a total area of 105,200 km², and has a population of only 42,000 (2001). More than one-third of the district is covered by the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, which extends into South Africa.


Kgalagadi's location causes it to border the following regions and provinces:

Domestically, it borders the following districts of Botswana:


Sub-districts of Kgalagadi District include:


The largest settlement in the district is Tshabong, which had a population of 6,591 in 2001 census while Hukuntsi and Kang had 3,807 and 3,744, respectively. The following is the list of villages noted separately in 2001 census in each census region.[1]

Kgalagadi South:

Bogogobo, Bokspits, Bray, Gachibana, Khisa, Khuis, Khwawa, Kokotsha, Kolonkwane, Makopong, Maleshe, Maralaleng, Maubelo, Middlepits, Omaweneno, Phepheng (Draaihoek), Rapples Pan, Struizendam, Tshabong, Vaalhoek, Werda

Kgalagadi North:

Hukuntsi, Hunhukwe, Inalegolo, Kang, Lehututu, Lokgwabe, Make, Monong, Ncaang, Ngwatle, Phuduhudu, Tshane, Ukwi, Zutswa

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