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Country Mali
RegionKoulikoro Region
CercleDioïla Cercle
 • Total10,856
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)

Kilidougou is a commune in the Cercle of Dioïla in the Koulikoro Region of south-western Mali. The principal town lies at N'Tobougou. As of 1998 the commune had a population of 10,856.[1]


The capital of the commune is the village of N'tobougou . The area called Kilidougou is said to derive from two large stones resembling eggs belonging to the blacksmiths of the past. The inhabitants of the area worshiped these stones as a fetish. It had long been a religious village, with animist inhabitants who worshiped the "Nama". However towards the end of World War II many converted to Islam.

The commune of Kilidougou was created by Act No. 96 on October 16, 1996. It is located east of the central district.


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