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Kinshasa is a municipality in the district Lukunga in the north of the city of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is located south of Gombe and the Boulevard du 30 Juin. In existence since the founding of Léopoldville, the place became with Barumbu and Lingwala part of the city developed indigenous beginning of the twentieth century. The place was once the 1940s linked to the historic heart of Leopoldville, now located at Kintambo, from the Boulevard du 30 juin. He gave his name to the entire city in 1966.

The district is now home to several institutions of the city of Kinshasa, such as the Grand Market of Kinshasa, the Somba Zikita Market, and the zoological garden.


Historical population of Kinshasa (commune)

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eu:Kinshasa (udalerria) fr:Kinshasa (commune) id:Kinshasa (komune) ln:Kinsásá (komíni)