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Nana Kofi Kakari
Rev. Ramseyer stands before Nana Kofi Kakari
PredecessorNana Kwaku Dua I
SuccessorNana Mensa Bonsu
Religious beliefsAsante Spirituality

Nana Kofi Kakari succeeded Nana Kwaku Dua I. During his installation he swore to his people that his main objective was war with the british and coastal states to regain supremacy of the region.

Krepi War

In 1868, Asante allies known as the Akwamu People requested the aid of the Asante nation. Nana Kofi Kakari hadn't been on the throne a year when he was called to send the military to assist. It was in this year that the above picture was taken when german missionaries rev. ramseyer and his wife were captured and taken to Kumasi. This assistance given by the Asante helped to cement the relationship between the two Afrikan nations.

Involvement in the Fifth Asante-british War

Kofi Kakari decided to devote his reign to war against the enemies of the Asante. After the Krepi war, Nana Kofi Kakari decided to subdue the coastal states once and for all. He therefore took arms for his expedition in December, 1872. His forces attacked the forces of Assin in February, 1873 at Assin Nyakomase. The Assin forces were no match for the Asanti warriors. They retreated to Fante Nyankomase where they combined forces with the other coastal states, and were still defeated. After the second defeat, they retreated to Jukwa for a final stand and were finally defeated. This defeat was a big blow to the british because apart from diminishing the confidence the coastal states had in the government, constant raids by the Asante were retarding british development in trade and administration.

Sixth Asante-british war and the destruction of Kumasi

After the defeat in the previous war, the british government decided to pacify the Asante people once and for all. So they sent for a new general named sir garnet woseley immediately upon arriving in the Gold Coast he called for soldiers from Nigeria, Jamaica, Sierra Leonand Gambia. He wasn't happy with this amount so he sent for some more from britain. When he amassed these troops, it's estimated that he had around 4,000 men, and he still didn't think that was enough, so he sent for more from britain. They then send 3 battalions of men. To build the confidence back into the Fanti people he sent these men to attack the Asante forces occupying the town of Elmina. They made a surprise attack there and defeated them. Eventually they escaped and returned to Kumasi. It's thought that from the fighting, and smallpox, they many thousand of people. While the Asante were discussing the losses incurred on them back at Elmina, woseley was advancing on Kumasi. Because they were still weakened from the last battle, the Asantehene decided to try to make peace. For peace, woseley demanded the freedom of all european troops, all Coastal Afrikan troops and 50,000 ounces of gold, the Asantehemaa, one royal to the Golden Stool and four other royals from the Asante states to be sent as hostages. Kofi Kakari found this demand too much and prepared for war. A fierce battle was fought all the way up to the outskirts of Kumasi, but wolseley and his men, using superior weapons were able to fight their way through to Kumasi. When they reached the town center, they found that the Asantehene and the people had abandoned the city. Enraged, he sent his troops to loot the city, and then set it on fire. The Asantehene sent his men to sign the Treaty of Fomena on Febuary 2nd, 1874 at Fomena. Nana Kofi Kakari was deposed 7 months later on the charge of misuse of stool property.