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UNESCO World Heritage Site
Kondoa Rock-Art Sites
Name as inscribed on the World Heritage List
Criteriaii, iv
UNESCO regionAfrica
Inscription history
Inscription2006 (18 Session)
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The Kondoa rock art sites are a series of caves carved into the side of a hill looking out over the steppe, c. nine kilometres off the main highway from Kondoa to Arusha, about 20 km north of Kondoa, in Tanzania. The caves contain paintings, some of which are believed by the Tanzania Antiquities Department to date back more than 1500 years. The paintings depict elongated people, animals, and hunting scenes. Tourists are asked to report to the Antiquities Department office on the highway at the village of Kolo and ask for the cave paintings guide.

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Coordinates: 4°43′28″S 35°50′02″E / 4.72444°S 35.83389°E / -4.72444; 35.83389

de:Felsenmalereien von Kondoa es:Sitios de arte rupestre de Kondoa eo:Rokpentraĵoj de Kondoa hr:Kondoa it:Siti di arte rupestre a Kondoa ka:კონდოას კლდის მხატვრობა sw:Michoro ya Kondoa nl:Rotsschilderingen van Kondoa ja:コンドアの岩絵遺跡群 no:Bergkunsten i Kondoa pl:Malowidła naskalne w Kondoa pt:Sítio de Arte Rupestre de Kondoa ru:Наскальные рисунки в Кондоа sv:Klippmålningarna i Kondoa vi:Khu nghệ thuật đá Kondoa zh:孔多阿岩画遗址