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Kongo Central (formerly Congo Centrale, Bas-Zaïre, then Bas-Congo) is a province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At the time of the independence of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the province was part of the greater province of Leopoldville, along with the current provinces of Kinshasa, Kwango, Kwilu and Mai-Ndombe. It is the only province with a coastline (Atlantic Ocean), and its provincial capital is Matadi. The province borders Kinshasa to the north-east, Kwango to the east, and the Republic of Angola to the south as well as the Republic of the Congo and Cabinda to the north.


The only other official city is Boma. Other towns include Banana, Muanda, Boma, Mbanza-Ngungu, Kitona, Lukula, Maduda, Kimpese and Vivi. In legal terms, Muanda is mainly a territory of the City of Boma, but also a town (territories take their names from the name of their main town). Banana is a town in the territory of Muanda.



Landscape of Kongo Central

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