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Kpando District
Region Volta Region
District type Ordinary
District Chief Executive Francis Ganyaglo
Capital Kpandu
Area 632 km²
Population (2002) 112,974

The Kpando District is a district of Ghana in the Volta Region. It is one of the oldest administrative districts in the country dating back to the colonial era. Some of the towns located in the district include Vakpo, Wusuta, Kpandu Torkor, Dzigbe, Togorme, Sovie, Anfoega Adame, Anfoega Akukome, Gbefi-Hoeme, Fesi, Gbefi-Tornu, and Dzana. The Kpando District south of Kpando town is inhabited primarily by members of the Ewe Tribe, although a portion of the Kpando town center, known as "Zongo Town", is occupied by Moslem people from northern tribes. The word "Kpando" refers to the large bunches of green plants, with sword-like leaves, which originally occupied the site of Kpando town.

Ewe people in Kpando commonly refer to themselves as "Ewe Dome", meaning "Ewes who live separately". This refers to the cultural separation of Ewes in the Kpando town area from larger Ewe groups near Keta and Anexho, who historically maintained more centralized and hierarchical states with armies and hereditary kings. Ewe Dome more often accepted the teachings of Presbyterian and Catholic missionaries and did not form cohesive political entities above the village level.


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