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Kparblee District is one of 17 Administrative Districts of Nimba County, Liberia. As of 2008, the population was 11,424.It is located in Tappita Statutory District and situated along the Cestos River which border Liberia with the Republic of Cote D'Ivoire commonly called Ivory Coast. The District is mainly composed of two ethnic groups the majority Krahn and minority Gio. The first Commissioner of the District since it declaration in 2003 is Hon Alexander N. Tenty Sr. from Dewoblee in Zodru Chiefdom who served from 2004-2010 July. The current Commissioner is Hon. Emmanuel N. Kar from Kparblee town. The headquarters of Kparblee Administrative District is Youkorway Old Town and have a population of a little over two thousand people. The District is composed of fifteen larger towns with seven smaller villages. Towns within Kparblee Administrative District are Beatuo Old Youkorway Town New Yourpea Town Behwalay Dubuzon Kaylay Dewoblee I Dewoblee II Kparblee Town Zodru Town Gueyea Gbayee-blee Bah-blee Karn-blee Gayeplay Tuzon Yeah-blee Tiah-blee The first religion group to visit the District and estblished is the Mid-Baptist and the missionarries was Teacher Walkins, Teacher Homes, Teacher Crocmanaul along Rev Sawi Kpou in the Town of Kparblee during the early 1970s. Motor road first entered the District in 1975 by Sika and since then has not been rehabilated. While the transporting of chiefs, messengers and security personnels was still going on in the District at the time it was a chiefdom, the whole idea was discouraged by a young graduate from the BWI called Jonathan V. Dayee from Kparblee Town in 1976. One of the oldest institution in the District is Kweyeah Memorial Institution (KMI) in Kparblee. Prior to the war, Kparblee District was one of Nimba County strong hope for agricultural products such as Cocoa, Coffee, Plantains etc. [1]


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