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Municipality and city
Porto do lobito.jpg
Country Angola
ProvinceBenguela Province
456 ft (139 m)
 • Total207,957
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Lobito is a town and municipality in Benguela Province in Angola.[1]

It dates from 1905 and owes its existence to the bay of the same name having been chosen as the sea terminus of the Benguela railway to the far interior, passing through Luau to Katanga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The city is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The population is about 207,957 (2005).


Portuguese rule

Lobito, was built on a sandspit and reclaimed land, with one of Africa’s finest natural harbours, protected by a 5 km long sandspit. The old council (concelho) was created in 1843 by the Portuguese administration. The town was also founded in 1843 by order of Maria II of Portugal, and its harbour works were begun in 1903. Large developments, however, were not stimulated until the completion in 1928 of the important Benguela Railway, which connected Portuguese Angola with the Belgian Congo. Under Portuguese rule, the port was one of Angola’s busiest, exporting agricultural produce from the interior and handling transit trade from the mines of southeastern Belgian Congo and of Zambia. Fishing, tourism and services were also important. The carnival in Lobito was also one of the most renowned and popular in Portuguese Angola.[2]

After independence from Portugal

Fisher boats Restinga peninsula, Angola.jpg

After the April 25, 1974 Carnation Revolution in Lisbon, Angola was offered independence. Lobito’s port activities were highly limited by disruptions to railway transit and high insecurity during the Angolan Civil War (1975–2002). With peace and stability, in the 2000s the Lobito started a process of reconstruction and resumed its path to development.


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