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Logone Oriental
Map of Chad showing Logone Oriental.
Map of Chad showing Logone Oriental.
Regional capitalDoba

Logone Oriental is one of the 22 regions of Chad and its capital is Doba. It is composed by the former Logone Oriental Prefecture.


The region of Logone Oriental is divided in 4 departments:

Department Capital Sub-prefectures
Lanya Bébédjia -
La Nya Pendé Goré Békan, Donia, Goré, Yamodo
La Pendé Doba Béboto, Bodo, Doba, Kara, Madana, Komé
Monts de Lam Baïbokoum Baïbokoum, Bessao, Mbaïkoro, Mbitoye, Laramanaye


The region's population had 440,342 inhabitants in 1993.

The main ethnico-linguistic group is formed by the Ngambay, who represent more than 50 % of the territory's population. Other important ethnico-linguistic groups are the Gor, the Mboum, the Goulay.


Subsistence agriculture, cotton, oil.

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