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Logone River
The Logone-Birni, out of the book The earth and its inhabitants, Africa 1892
Countries Chad, Central African Republic, Cameroon
Cities Kousséri, Moundou
 - location Chari River at N'Djaména, Chad
 - elevation 364 m (1,194 ft)
 - coordinates 12°6′22″N 15°2′7″E / 12.10611°N 15.03528°E / 12.10611; 15.03528
Length 1,000 km (621 mi)
Basin 78,000 km2 (30,116 sq mi)
 - average 492 m3/s (17,375 cu ft/s)
Map showing the Logone River within the Chari River drainage basin.

The Logon or Logone River is a major tributary of the Chari River. The Logone's sources are located in the western Central African Republic, northern Cameroon, and southern Chad. It has two major tributaries. The Pendé River (Eastern Logone) in the prefecture Ouham-Pendé in the Central African Republic and the Mbéré River (Western Logone) at the east of Cameroon. Many swamps and wetlands surround the river.

Settlements on the river include Moundou, Chad's second-largest city, and Kousseri, Cameroon's northernmost city. Chad's capital city, N'Djaména, is at the spot where the Logone empties into the Chari river.

The Logone forms part of the international border between Chad and Cameroon.


The flow of the river observed over 38 years (1951-84) in Bongor a town in Chad short after the union with the Pendé about 450 km above the mouth into the Chari.[1] It should be noted that due to the strong evaporation the amount of water to the estuary decreases. The at Bongor observed average annual flow during this period was 492 m³ / s fed by an area of ​​about 73.700 km ² approximately 94,5% of the total catchment area of the River. In his last part, in N'Djamena, there were only remaining 400 m³ / s.

The average monthly flow of the river Logone at hydrological station of Bongor (in m³ / s )< br /> (Calculated using the data for a period of 38 years, 1948-86)

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 bar:Jan text:January
 bar:Fév text:February
 bar:Mar text:Marz
 bar:Avr text:April
 bar:Mai text:May
 bar:Jun text:June
 bar:Jul text:July
 bar:Aoû text:August
 bar:Sep text:Sept.
 bar:Oct text:Oct.
 bar:Nov text:Nov.
 bar:Déc text:Dec.


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 bar:Fév from:0 till: 76 
 bar:Mar from:0 till: 50 
 bar:Avr from:0 till: 51 
 bar:Mai from:0 till: 78 
 bar:Jun from:0 till: 125 
 bar:Jul from:0 till: 432 
 bar:Aoû from:0 till: 1045 
 bar:Sep from:0 till: 1636 
 bar:Oct from:0 till: 1506 
 bar:Nov from:0 till: 583 
 bar:Déc from:0 till: 202 


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 bar:Fév at: 76 fontsize:S text: 76 shift:(-10,5)
 bar:Mar at: 50 fontsize:S text: 50 shift:(-10,5)
 bar:Avr at: 51 fontsize:S text: 51 shift:(-10,5)
 bar:Mai at: 78 fontsize:S text: 78 shift:(-10,5)
 bar:Jun at: 125 fontsize:S text: 125 shift:(-10,5)
 bar:Jul at: 432 fontsize:S text: 432 shift:(-10,5)
 bar:Aoû at: 1045 fontsize:S text: 1.045 shift:(-10,5)
 bar:Sep at: 1636 fontsize:S text: 1.636 shift:(-10,5)
 bar:Oct at: 1506 fontsize:S text: 1.506 shift:(-10,5)
 bar:Nov at: 583 fontsize:S text: 583 shift:(-10,5)
 bar:Déc at: 202 fontsize:S text: 202 shift:(-10,5)



In the eastern lower Logone valley formed out of the Kotoko population several historic sultanates (Kousseri, Logone-Birni, Makari-Goulfey and others) which were political dependent to the empires of Bornu or Baguirmi and belong today to Cameroon.


In Chad, the administrative regions Logone Oriental and Logone Occidental named after the river. Ober-Logone was an administrative district of the German colony of Cameroon.


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