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Lomami Province is set to become a province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by 18 February 2009 following the promulgation of the 2006 constitution. It is currently part of the Kasai Oriental Province. Its capital is Kabinda.


It lies at the centre of the country on the Lomami River. It is distant from the city of Mbuji-Mayi, current capital of Kasai Oriental Province, 160 km along the national highway No. 1, which extends up to Kasongo in Maniema Province.


It was first created from Kasai province in 1962. It was incorporated into the Kasai-Oriental province as the district of Kabinda from 1966-2009.


Presidents (from 1965, governors) of the first Lomami province

  • Dominique Manono (15 Sep 1962 - Apr 1966)
  • Jean Marie Kikalanga (18 Apr 1966 - 25 Apr 1966)

Administrators of Kabinda district

  • Manik Tshikut Ignace (since 2005)




It consists of three major ethnic groups (Songye, Kanyok and Luba).

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