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Lupane is a district in Matabeleland North Province in Zimbabwe. It lies at a height of 976m. In 2006 it had 1,600 inhabitants. It is on the road from Bulawayo to Hwange. In the years since 2000, there has been nearly 200 cases of torture by the militias of the ZANU-PF.[citation needed] Lupane is a rural, semi-arid area, which cultivates cotton and corn. A new university has been proposed for the district, which would cater for the rest of Mat. north province.

The region has been explored for Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and a resource of over 13,000,000 trillion cubic feet (370,000,000 km3) is thought to exist with a purity of 95% methane.

Lupane town is the main centre for the district and is the location of the Matebeleland North government head offices. It also houses the Provincial hospital (under construction).

The Bubi-Lupane Dam was built in 2010 on the Bubi River in order to supply water to Lupane District.[1] A water treatment plant is also being built.[2]


Coordinates: 18°56′S 27°46′E / 18.933°S 27.767°E / -18.933; 27.767

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