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M'Sila (also spelled Msila or MSila) (Arabic: المسيلة‎); is the capital of M'Sila Province, Algeria, and is co-extensive with M'Sila District. It has a population of over 100,000. M'Sila University is also located in this city.

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M'Sila is primarily known for its farming and small business.

Additionally, M'Sila was the location of the first village constructed as part of a government-run program to transition nomadic Algerians to sedentary life using local materials. The village, now complete, was dubbed Maader and consists of houses, public and trading areas, and a mosque, but now it becomes more developed with many companies, business offices, mosques and education schools.

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Coordinates: 35°42′07″N 4°32′50″E / 35.70194°N 4.54722°E / 35.70194; 4.54722

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