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Message to the Blackman in America is a book published by Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad in 1965, and reprinted several times since. After the death of Elijah Muhammad in 1975,it was first reprinted by UBUS Communications Systems. Beginning with a brief autobiography of Muhammad, it also covers his philosophies on race, the religion of Islam, politics, economics, and social issues, and how they relate to the problems of Afrikans in america. The book also covers his own ideology and how he feels the Blackman can improve himself in america. The book calls for justice under the laws of america;or for america to help settle Black people in a separate land of its own, "either here or elsewhere.

Section 1: Allah is God[edit]

Section 2: Original Man[edit]

Section 3: Islam[edit]

Section 4: The Bible and Holy Qur'an[edit]

Section 5: The Devil[edit]

Section 6: Prayer Service[edit]

Section 7: Program and Position[edit]

Section 8: Economic Program[edit]

Section 9: The Persecution of the Righteous[edit]

Section 10: Land of Our Own and Qualifications[edit]

Section 11: Hypocrites, Disbelievers and Obedience[edit]

Section 12: The Judgement[edit]

Section 13: Answer to Critics[edit]