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1 A hypocrite is a person who is disliked by everyone -- whether it be a hypocritical wife, husband, parent, son or daughter, the hypocrite is unwanted. You can never trust hypocrites. They are liars. They are worse than disbelievers, because a disbeliever has not lied, saying that he believed and then turned back. This makes hypocrites the most hated of all people.

2 The Holy Qur-an repeatedly warns the believers against hypocrites. Let us quote the 9th Verse of Chapter 2 of the Holy Qur-an, which reads like this:

3 "They seek to deceive Allah and those who believe and they deceive only themselves and they perceive not."

4 When they come in, they hope to make Allah think that they are believers and on their leaving sincerely seek to deceive the true believers so that they may turn them against Allah, the Messenger, and the truth that he has brought. They are mockers of the believers and say that they believe, but yet they are mockers of true believers. The 15th Verse of Chapter 2 says of them:

5 "Allah will pay them back their mockery, and He leaves them alone in their inordinacy, blindly wandering on."

6 The Holy Qur-an (63:1) reads: "When the hypocrites come to thee, they say: We bear witness that thou art indeed Allah's Messenger. And Allah knows thou art indeed His Messenger. And Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are surely liars [63:2]. They take shelter under their oaths, thus turning [men] from Allah's way. Surely evil is that which they do [63:3]. That is because they believed, then disbelieved; thus their hearts are sealed, so they understand not."

7 They desire to make the Messenger think that they are true believers by saying that they believe that he is the Messenger of Allah, while in their hearts they do not believe that he is the Messenger, and Allah knows what is in their hearts -- that they are liars. They come in believing and then disbelieve. After their disbelief, Allah seals their hearts so that they cannot understand or believe. In the 150th verse of the 4th Chapter, they are warned against trying to deceive Allah and His Messenger. They say that they believe in one and disbelieve in the other. But disbelief in God or His Apostle means a disbelief in both.

8 This Verse (4:150) reads like this: "Those who disbelieve in Allah and His Messengers and desire to make a distinction between Allah and His Messengers and say, We believe in some and disbelieve in others; and desire to take a course in between [4:151]. These are truly disbelievers; and We have prepared for the disbelievers an abasing chastisement."

9 Holy Qur-an [4:152} reads: "And those who believe in Allah and His Messengers and make no distinction between any of them, to them He will grant their rewards. And Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful."

10 This is going on today among my followers. Many of the hypocrites who go out from me will still say to you that they believe in Allah but do not believe that I am the Messenger of Allah. This is as if they said that they do not believe in either one of us. You cannot get to Allah unless you come through a Messenger, Apostle or Prophet of Allah. When a hypocrite begins disbelieving, the light is taken from him, and he is not able to see that he is actually a disbeliever. It is like someone wandering around in darkness but claiming that he sees his way, while the person in the light, looking on the dark, knows that he is not able to see his way around.

11 The Prophet is warned to strive hard against the hypocrites and disbelievers and be unyielding to them, for their abode is the "Fire of Hell." The relation between the hypocrites and the believers is cut off. They are not allowed to go around the Muslims. Not even charity is accepted from hypocrites by the believers. They seek friendship with the enemies of Islam. Read Chapter 5, Verse 53 (Holy Qur-an), and also Chapter 4 verses 144 and 145. There is no help for the hypocrites. They practice deceit. Read Chapter 47, Verse 23, and also verses 25 through 28.

12 This particular group (hypocrites) should always be watched by the believers. They are very deceitful and must be opposed by all means. They are not to be killed, for Allah desires to make them examples for others by chastising them like a parent does a child. He chastises one with the strap to warn the other not to disobey. After a divine chastisement of the hypocrites, they are turned into the doom of the real enemies (the devils). That is why the Holy Qur-an speaks of them as inmates of the "Fire of Hell."

13 The Messenger is warned not to be easy with hypocrites but to be hard against them. Read Chapter 66, Verse 10, as well as Chapter 66, Verse 9, which even warns the Messenger that there were prophets who had hypocritical wives. This makes it clear to us that not only the common people can have a hypocrite in the family, but also the families of prophets.

14 Because of this, some people will think you are weak. They will say: "Oh, if his wife does not believe in him, he must not be the Messenger of God." If his sons and daughters do not believe in him, they say: "They should know more about him that we do. He must not be the Messenger."

15 But this does not mean that the Messenger is not the true one. Jesus prophesied that the truth will cause separation in the family. Mothers and father believing with children disbelieving. And children believing with mothers and fathers disbelieving.

16 This is going on now. There are many who come to us saying that they believe and want to join with us who believe in Allah and His truth and His Messenger, but many times their parent and/or children do not believe. This is the Judgment Day which you have been warned will come. The truth of Almighty God that I preach to you is not denied by scholars or scientists who understand. And if they do not understand, send them to me, and when they leave me, they will understand that it is the truth.

17 Chapter 104 of the Holy Qur-an is entitled the Slanderer. Please read it and the footnote (#2794), which fits very well with the slander I am now receiving from the chief hypocrites.