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1 "After what?" may be the question asked. The hereafter means after the destruction of the present world, its power and authority to rule. The Bible and Holy Qur-an Sharrieff are filled with readings on the hereafter which I will leave to you to read for proof. This subject wouldn't be necessary if it were not for that man of sin being permitted to rule.

2 Since he [they] was given ruling authority to try him [them] for 6,000 years, the world "hereafter" is used, meaning: After the present rule of the man of sin, because his [their] time is limited to 6,000 years. Some say: after the judgment, after the man when the man of sin and all who follow him were made. "Whoever of them will follow you, I will certainly fill hell with you all" (Holy Qur-an 7:18). The Bible says: "These both were cast alive into a lake of fire" (Rev. 19:20). The Man of sin and his people deceived the righteous by making them believe that he [they] also is one of the righteous. He [they] claims one father is the father of all, but that is not true.

3 We all look forward to a hereafter, to seeing and living under a ruler and a government of righteousness, after the destruction of unrighteousness. Even the people of the man of sin (the devils) are worried, disgusted, dissatisfied with their own world and wish to see a change to a better world; but they desire to be the ruler in that better world. The hereafter, some believe will be after the great War of Armageddon or Poly War.

4 A religious war between the two great religions of the earth and their believers, namely, Islam and Christianity; of course Buddhism will also be involved. The hereafter: there the righteous will make unlimited progress; peace, joy and happiness will have no end. War will be forgotten; disagreement will have no place in the hereafter. The present brotherhood of Islam is typical of the life in the hereafter, the difference is that the brotherhood in the hereafter will enjoy the spirit of gladness and happiness forever in the presence of Allah. The earth, the general atmosphere will produce such a change that the people will think it is a new earth. It will be the heaven of the righteous forever! No sickness, no hospitals, no insane asylums, no gambling, no cursing, or swearing will be seen or heard in that life. Fear, grief and sorrow will stop on this side as a proof. Everyone of us who accepts the religion of Islam and follows what God has revealed to me, will begin enjoying the above life here.

5 I never felt the like before. Islam is heaven for my people. They will see their God in truth, the righteous will meet and embrace them with peace.

6 The life in the hereafter is an image of the spiritual state in this life. Just think how good you feel when in the Divine Spirit for awhile. You are so happy that you don=t feel even the pain of sickness, no trouble or sorrow, and that is the way you will feel always in the next life.

7 We, the so-called Negroes who accept Allah and Islam will reap this glorious joy and happiness. You will be clothed in silk interwoven with gold and eat the best of food that you desire. This is the time when you enter such life, for your God is here in person, and you will never be that which you cannot be any more, after believing in Him. My people have been deceived by the archdeceiver with regard to the hereafter. They think the hereafter is a life of spirits up somewhere in the sky, while it is only on the earth, and you won't change to any spirit beings. The life in the hereafter is only a continuation of the present life. You will be flesh and blood. You won't see spooks coming up out of graves to meet God.

8 No already physically dead person will be in the hereafter; that is slavery belief, taught to slaves to keep them under control. This is taught also so that they won't be thinking about the wealth of their slave-masters while under the slave-master. The slave is made to believe his will come after death, and his master knows that death settles all, and that you can't return to tell him whether he lied or told the truth.

9 Read the Scriptures carefully on the life in the hereafter, and try to understand it; you will find that it doesn=t actually mean what you have been believing. No one is going to leave this planet to live on another. You can=t, even if you try. You can't reach the moon and live on it, so be satisifed and believe in Allah, live where you are on this good earth, but be righteous.

10 I must quote these beautiful verses of the Holy Qur-an: "O soul that is at rest, return to your Lord, well pleased with Him, well pleasing. So, enter among my servants, and enter into my Paradise" (89:27-30).