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1 Arthur R. Gottschalk, state senator, 8th district, Park Forest (Ill.), wrote our National Secretary, John Ali, asking him and my followers to disavow and repudiate publicly the truth Allah has revealed to me of the Caucasian race, the truth of them being REAL DEVILS and our (the Black Nation's) open enemies.

2 Part of this letter was printed and published in the Chicago Tribune, June 15, 1962. Gottschalk failed to include in his letter to Secretary Ali proof of material proving that the truth Allah has given me of them being real devils is false. This leaves my secretary and followers helpless to deny the truth.

3 I am surprised at the intelligent senator writing a letter before first making an attempt to consult me as to what Allah has revealed to me. The senator's letter is a perfect insult to my followers. Without showing proof that what I am teaching IS NOT the truth, he is asking my followers not to believe it and tell the public that they do not believe.

4 What the Senator does not like is that my followers BELIEVE Caucasian (the white European Race) are the real devils, as Allah has said. Also, the true history and the Teachings of the Prophets and their scriptures (Bible and Holy Qur-an) bear witness.

5 I think the Senator has attacked something that may surprise him and his race because of his intentions of making my followers disbelieve the truth of Allah as taught me.

6 One of the characteristics of the devil is to deceive. In the last two paragraphs of his letter to our Secretary, John Ali, Gottschalk hoped to deceive him with the following words:

7 "At this time when men of good will of all races are working hard to promote harmonious human relations and eliminate the social and economic conditions which have produced injustices, it is tragic that men like Elijah Muhammad are attempting to tear down their good work and accentuate racial tension and misunderstanding."

8 Mr. Gottschalk, we are not your slaves any more, therefore do not misunderstand us. We care very little about you or any person or race who would think after knowing you that a promise promoting harmonious human relations, social equality with you will solve our problem. You are mistaken! We want nothing less than freedom to build our economy and society and on some of this earth that we can call our own!

9 We want to be independent, as you and other nations are, to do what we think is best for our own selves. What kind of future can you prepare for us other than as subjected slaves to you and your kind? I am not attempting to tear down anything good, for I have not found anything of good that you or your kind have set up that was for the good of my people. Allah and I are the only ones I know who are setting up any good work for our people.

11 Since your government declares us to be free, why let us go and enjoy this freedom for ourselves on some of this earth that we can call our own? The language used in your letter is that of a deceiver who knows that he has laid hands upon a great value and hopes to deceive him to believe that which he has been given or found is of no value and what you have is the best.

12 The entire 20 million of my people here should learn a lesson from your letter and be careful of you and your kind erupted promises of social equality without some of this earth we can call our own!

13 Your dogs enjoy honor in your society. They are seen eating from the table and riding in the same seat in some of your best transportation.

14 We do not desire any such place and level with all the evil you have done to us for the past 400 years and as you continue to mistreat us.

15 Do you think we will be satisfied to settle for less than some of this earth we can call our own? I think you are in for a great surprise. The Senator is outright asking my followers to recant and make it publicly known that they disbelieve in the Truth Allah has revealed to me in the closing lines of his letter to Secretary Ali in the following words:

16 AI call upon you (John Ali) as National Secretary of your organization to disavow and repudiate publicly all of the above statements (that the Caucasian race is a race of devils says Allah to me) by your leader, Elijah Muhammad.

17 "Failure to do so would be a clear admission that the statements of Elijah Muhammad accurately represents the policy of your organization which sponsors and operates the University of Islam."

18 For nearly 32 years, the students of our school had knowledge of you and your kind and have a very good record of being at peace in your midst. This comes from having the knowledge of you. If you fear this true knowledge of yourself will cause your mistreated once slaves to hate you, then your argument is with Almighty Allah who has revealed it. It is surely not with brother John Ali and my followers, for you will not be able to give up the truth about you, their God, Allah and their Leader and Teacher.