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1 The incredible upsurgence of Muhammad's Mosques of Islam in North America has brought forth not only popular acclaim and acceptance, but also occasional unfounded attempts to discredit my mission.

2 In response to alleged statements made by an Eastern Muslim leader and printed recently in a white newspaper purporting criticism of the teachings of the Muslims in America, I gave the following reply to this widely circulated story in the interest of clarity.

3 We do not have any authentic proof that the Muslims in Jeddah, Arabia, said anything of the kind to the white American newspaper reporters. Be it known that the white Americans and their newspapers will be printing much propaganda against the truth that Allah (God) has given to me to deliver to my people, the American so-called Negroes.

4 We are the brother of the Muslims not only of Arabia but from all over the entire world, wherever one is found. This I have proved time and time again.

5 They know me and I know them; we are not enemies of each other, and the time will come when the white Americans and Black Americans (so-called Negroes) will know.

6 There have been a few things said here of the Orthodox Muslims as not agreeing with me on the white race being the race of devils, as God has revealed them. But from wherever this was picked up, it is only from those who wish continuous socialization with the American whites. But as time goes on you will not find them in any such pictures as being my enemies.

7 They, too, are gradually coming over with me in the understanding for the first time in their history; the realization of the devils. It is in the Holy Qur-an that these people are the devils, and the scholars of Islam know it.

8 This is the last and final truth to be delivered to the world; the knowledge of God and the devils.

9 I will not dare accuse the Secretary General of Mecca as speaking the exact words these reporters have given.

10 You should ask yourself why are Americans so worried over the spread of Islam to the black man in America. It is because this truth of them, and of the slaves and true religion of Allah, must first come to them before there can be a final resurrection of the mentally dead slaves and judgment upon their cruel masters.

11 Be not deceived by this deceiving and crooked enemy of black mankind. They are going like life and death to deceive you against accepting the truth which is written in the scriptures of truth (Bible and Holy Qur-an).

12 And again in their race to try and deceive and hold you in what they have taught to mislead you in the knowledge of the truth there should also be a proof that they actually do no intend you any good.

13 If they had freed you in deeds 100 years ago, why should they now be trying to force you under a lot of propaganda and empty promises to remain with them in that which has enslaved you and continue to hold you subjected to them?

14 White America does not want you to be free; they want you to be subjected to them forever on the pretense that they will give you work to do and pay you for that work but never offer you freedom to acquire some of this earth that you can call your own.

15 And they have killed off the original owners and have taken their homes and call it their home today. And many other countries of the Black Nations they have taken and master under false claims and promises and under superior power of arms.

16 The American so-called Negroes are now a prey in the hands of the children of their once slave-masters. And the slave-masters' children have the same minds as their fathers had toward the so-called Negroes; that is, keep him under their power and never let him go free for himself.

17 So today, they treat the so-called Negro as a child that is crying for a more comfortable place in the house, by sticking a little piece of candy in his hand or in his mouth to suck under the pretense that you are going to give him a more comfortable place in the house.

18 But when he begins to nurse on that candy he goes to sleep and you can lay him down anywhere, whether comfortable or uncomfortable, because that baby is asleep.

19 Now this is not an answer to the Muslims of Saudi, Arabia, because I do not know the truth of what they have said; this is an answer to the Chicago's American newspaper and its correspondents.

20 There is no such thing as that you will see coming from the Muslim world a representative to tell me and my followers in America to stop teaching what we are teaching. To stop the teaching that I have received from Allah to give to the American so-called Negroes is not in the power of any Orthodox Muslim or non-believer.

21 But in answer to such attempt, I will say that neither Jeddah nor Mecca have sent me! I am sent from Allah and not from the Secretary General of the Muslim League. There is no Muslim in Arabia that has authority to stop me from delivering this message that I have been assigned to by Allah, anymore than they had authority to stop Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

22 I am not taking orders from them, I am taking orders from Allah (God) Himself.