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1 He (Mr. W. F. Muhammad, God in person) chose to suffer three and half years to show his love for his people, who have suffered over three hundred years at the hands of a people who by nature are evil and wicked and have no good in them. He was persecuted, sent to jail in 1932, and ordered out of Detroit, on May 26, 1933. He came to Chicago in the same year and was arrested almost immediately on his arrival and placed behind prison bars.

2 He submitted himself with all humbleness to his persecutors. Each time he was arrested, he sent for me so that I might see and learn the price of Truth for us, the so-called American Negroes (members of the Asiatic nation).

3 He was well able to save himself from such suffering, but how else was the scripture to be fulfilled? We followed in his footsteps, suffering the same persecution.

4 My people are yet sound asleep to the knowledge of the good that is being carried on for their deliverance. The whole world of our kind awaits the awakening, and our awakening is the last step in the Resurrection and Judgment of the world. It is a sin that we were put so soundly to sleep. The end of the world has arrived, and most of us know it not. Our enemies' greatest desire is that we remain asleep. My people fight and oppose the God of our own salvation.

5 Allah chose for us Islam as a religion. He desires to set us in Heaven at once, on condition that we submit to Him and accept the religion of Islam, the religion of God and His Prophets. In this religion (Islam), He offers us universal friendship, and we who have submitted to Him know this to be true.

6 We know white people have and will continue to prosecute anyone who offers help to us, the so-called American Negroes (Asiatics). Should persecution or even death stop the worthy help that will save the lives of the so-called Negroes? No, it shall not.

7 The so-called Negroes are absolutely friendless and have sought in vain friendship from their enemies, due to the ignorance of self and their enemies, due to the ignorance of self and their enemies. Now they are offered universal friendship if they will only accept their own (Allah and Islam).

8 Seek first the friendship of your own people and then the friendship of others (if there is any friendship in the others).

9 We have made the grave mistake of Lazarus and the Prodigal Son, ( St. Luke: Chapter 15), the one who was so charmed over the wealth and food of the rich man that he could not leave his gate to seek the same for himself,- regardless of the disgraceful condition in which the rich man puts him, even to sending his dogs to attack him. The Angels had to come and take him away.

10 The other (Prodigal Son), being tempted by the loose life of strange women, drinking, gambling, and adultery, caused him to love the stranger's way of life so much so that it cost him all that he originally possessed (self-independence and Divine Guidance). His Father (God in person) had to come and be his representative to again meet his brothers, family, and friends.

11 Nothing fits the description of us better, the so called Negroes (Asiatics). Many of us today are so lazy that we are willing to suffer anything rather than go for self. It is true that our God has come to set us in Heaven, but not a Heaven wherein we will not have to work.

12 Fear is the worst enemy that we have, but entire submission to Allah (God) and His Messenger will remove this fear . The white race put fear in our foreparents when they were babies, so says the word of Allah.

13 We must have for our peace and happiness (17,000,000 so-called Negroes) that which other nations have.

14 This beforementioned peace and happiness cannot come under any other flag but our own. If God desires for us such joy, why shouldn't we give up begging and be real men and sit with the rulers of the earth, ruling our own?

15 Our first step is to give back to the white man his religion (Christianity), his church, and his names. These three are chains of slavery that hold us in bondage to them. We are free when we give up the above three.

16 The so-called Negroes must know that they have been deceived and must be brought face to face with God and the devil. They must get away from the old slavery teachings that Jesus, who was killed 2,000 years ago, is still alive somewhere waiting and listening to their prayers.

17 He was only a prophet like Moses and the other prophets and had the same religion (Islam). He did His work and is dead like others of His time and has no knowledge of their prayers to Him.

18 Since Islam from overran mankind in the seventh century after Jesus and is still in power over man, why did not the translators of the Bible mention it? Why didn't they give us the name of the religions of the prophets, since they claim a religion for Jesus?