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1 The number one principle of belief is that your God is one God and beside Him you have no other god that can help you. I shall begin with this, the most important of all principles of belief.

2 How many non-Muslims will we find who do not believe in God as being One God? Regardless of the trinity belief practiced by the Christians, they (the Christians) claim and agreed that Allah (God) is One God. They make fools of themselves when they reject Islam and the Muslim's five principals of belief: One God, His prophets, His Books, the Resurrection, The Judgment. How, then, did they (the Christians) go astray believing in three Gods? Nevertheless, they maket one of the three the Father of the other two-and these remaining two the equal of the Father.

3 The so-called Negroes have been led into the gravest of errors in the knowledge of God (Allah) and the true religion ( Islam) by their white slave-masters. They (the so-called Negroes) have been robbed more than any other people on this planet Earth. If they will only read and listen to the simplest of truths of which I write and speak have three essentials in it: power, light and life.

4 "I am a mortal like you-it is revealed to me that your God is one God (18:110). " Will you not bear witness with Muhammad in the above quoted chapter and verse of the Holy Qur-an?

5 The white race will not agree with Muhammad and the true religion of God (Allah); which is Islam because of the nature in which they were created, -as they are the opposers of Allah and the Truth. They (white people) know that the so-called Negroes believe in them, but with the help of my God (Allah), -who came in the person of Master W. F. Muhammad we will show up the false with the truth in its plainest simplest form.

6 It is foolish to believe in three gods-foolish to make Jesus the Son and the equal of His Father (the one of 2,000 years ago). If Jesus said in His suffering "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me? " (Matthew 27:46) then most surely He did not recognize Himself as being the equal of God, and no other scripture shows Jesus as the equal of God.

7 If Jesus said that He was sent (Matthew 15:24 and John 4:34), then He cannot claim to be the equal of His sender. God is not sent by anyone; He is a self-sender. He says in Isaiah (44:81-45:22): "Is there a god besides Me? I know not any. " In another place He states, "I am God, there is none else. " (Isaiah 46:9). Also, "One God and none other. " (Mark 12:32).