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1 You are ever making mistakes which will prove fatal to you and others of your own. If you could only recognize the time and knowledge of yourself and kind, the knowledge of the others who are on the same planet rotating around the sun daily, you would know who you are, as well as know your planet and it’s consistency and remember at all times how you were brought here through our parents 400 years ago and how our parents were mercilessly brought here against their will. They did not ask to come but were forced and were used for merchandise to be sold and resold for 300 long years like livestock and wild beasts.

2 You do not have a second thought about this, because you have your own mind, eyes and heart filled with hopes that you may become one of those who did this evil against your parents and be recognized as a great admirer and lover of these same people who now rehearse the same evil with a little addition, the fire hose and the dogs, the burning and the lynching of you and your women. You are not able - at this day and time - 100 years a free slave, to protect yourself and your women from the murderous hands of the children of the murderers of your fathers and mothers 400 years ago.

3 Today, God , in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, is asking you and me to "Accept our own and return to our own kind on some of this earth, that we call our own," and you are rejecting this offer to return to your own unless you can carry the same enemy along who has destroyed your fathers and is now destroying you. They were not bought and sold as you were; they did not come from Africa but from Europe. You are so blinded that you cannot see them and so deaf that you cannot hear the truth of them and desire to be one of them and mix their blood and have them mix into your blood. This is like Sodom and Gomorrah before God.

4 You should remember that you have a great offer made to you in the words, "Accept Your Own." To accept your own means yourself and your kind, your God Who is of you and you are of Him. It was your fathers who created the heavens and the earth, while there was is nothing that the white man has created independently. He did not even create himself. The Black Nation is self-created, while the white race is made by one of the gods and scientists of the Black Nation. Their time on our planet is nothing compared to the time that we have been in the universe on this planet. It is hardly a fraction of a minute if we divide their 6,000 years into our billions and trillions of years. It would run into little no time at all.

5 We are the originals, so Almighty God has revealed. He has asked you who belong to the original people of the earth to accept your place among them, since you have been robbed of knowledge and your place on the planet that you can call your own and your place among your own. You must remember that this is a wonderful offer, and it is a wonderful knowledge to know the truth, and it is even more wonderful to know that the truth is in your favor and the earth as well as the heaven above belong to you. Accept your own, that which you have been dead to the knowledge of, now that God has come in your midst to resurrect you and put you in your place of authority. You are ignorant enough to put yourself in the place of a dog at the feet of the white race, begging them to accept you as their brother, when they could not do this if they tried. They would still be deceiving you, and their efforts would end in the manifest truth that it was only false of them to try to establish brotherhood among you. Their time of ruling the people of the earth is up. Accept your place in the sun as it was originally before the creation of this world.

6 You must remember that slave-names will keep you a slave in the eyes of the civilized world today. You have seen, and recently, that Africa and Asia will not honor you or give you any respect as long as you are called by the white man’s name. The example was evident when I took Muhammad Ali (the World’s Heavyweight Champion) out of the white man’s name (the name itself made him a servant and slave to the white man). All Africa and Asia then acclaimed him as being their champion. This shows you that all of the previous black men of America who were bestowed with the title of the world’s heavyweight champion were only exalting the white man of America, Europe and Australia. Their people said nothing because they were not theirs and were not enhancing their honor among the people of the world. Just a change of name has given Brother Muhammad Ali a name of honor and a name of praise that will live forever (its meaning). His people of the near and far East acclaimed him and laid the red carpet for him to come among them as a prince.

7 I warn you to wake up and accept your own or go to the doom with other than your own.