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1 The duty of the civilized man is to teach civilization to the uncivilized - the arts and sciences of civilized people and the countries of advanced civilization.

2 A Divine Messenger of God (Allah) , raised among His people with the Divine Message, is held responsible for its delivery. His message teaches spiritual civilization, which is important to the success of a nation and society. According to history, the people who refuse to accept Divine Guidance or His Message sent by His Messengers are classified as uncivilized or savages.

3 A well-educated, cultured and courteous people make a beautiful society when it is spiritual. Good manners come from the civilized man who does not fail to perform his duty.

4 There are several civilizations. We have a wicked one and a righteous one. It is a righteous civilization that is in the workings now. We have all been well trained into the wicked civilization. Now we must be trained into the knowledge of the righteous one. We must have a righteous, trained civilized man who will not fail to perform his duty to us in guiding and teaching us.

5 My people in America are under the searchlight of the righteous, who are offering to them the right guidance to a supreme civilization of righteousness never witnessed before on earth. The white race has failed to perform its duty of civilizing the American so-called Negroes. Of course, they have been their slaves for many centuries, and the slave-masters have rights over them as long as they are slaves. However, if the slave-masters free their slaves, not in words but in deeds, the slave-masters should provide the once-slaves with the right civilization and with everything necessary for them to start an independent life as their slave-masters have.

6 Certainly the so-called Negroes are being schooled, but is this education the equal of that of their slave-masters? No, the so-called Negroes are still begging for equal education. After blinding them to the knowledge of self and their own kind for 400 years, the slave-masters refuse to civilize the so-called Negroes into the knowledge of themselves of which they were robbed. The slave-masters also persecute and hinder anyone who tries to perform this most rightful duty.

7 I will continue to say that as long as the so-called Negroes do not know who they really are and do not have the knowledge to free themselves from their slave-masters’ names and religion, they cannot be considered free or civilized. To this their slave-masters will agree. Some of the so-call Negroes are ignorant of this important advantage of having their own nations’ names. They think there is nothing to a name (and there is not to the ones they are using), but the Bible says, "a good name is better than gold." To continue to bear the slave-masters’ names makes my people the property of their slave-masters or their children and we can never hope to receive equal recognition in the civilized world.

8 Will a free people accept slaves as their equal? The so-called Negroes must be truly civilized, and the right civilized man has not performed his duty until this is accomplished. However, the so-called Negro is free to receive his or her own if they just will not allow fear and ignorance to stand in their way.

9 It has been seen from the little chance they had to get a little education - they have shown and proved that they are the original people who are only asleep and in great need of the right civilized man who will perform his duty of awakening them. The so-called Negroes’ fear of being deprived of food, clothing and shelter, and also the usual smile of the white slave-masters’ children, prevents them from seeking the true knowledge of their own nation’s civilization. They must drop the slave-masters’ names and religion, which both they have and do not understand. This means nothing but slavery. Of course, some preachers and politicians who live off the ignorance of their people are opposed to the right civilization of our people.

10 You must know that you have not been rightly civilized. No one can enslave another who has equal education (knowledge). My people lack science of the right kind. Allah is here to give you and me a superior knowledge of things and a country to ourselves. Separation of the so-called Negroes from their slave-masters’ children is a must. It is the only solution to our problem. It was the only solution according to the Bible, for Israel and the Egyptians, and it will prove to be the only solution for America and her slaves, who she mockingly calls her citizens without granting citizenship. We must keep this in our minds at all times, we are actually being mocked.

11 I think it is a disgrace for us ever being satisfied with only a servant’s part. Should not we, as a people, want for ourselves what other civilized nations have? It takes a true friend or friends to help another or others to enjoy equal freedom, justice and equality. Today for the first time in our history we have that true friend in Allah (who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad) and the nation of Islam, if we only would submit and accept Him.

12 It is written (Rev. 14:1) that 144,000 of us will accept and return to our God and people and the rest of my people will go down with the enemies of Allah. For this sad prophesy of the loss of my people I write what I am writing, hoping perhaps that you may be able to beat the old prophet’s predictions by making the truth so simple that a fool can understand it. You must be rightly civilized. You must go back to your own people and country, but not one of you can return with what you have. You must know that this is the time of our separation and the judgement of this world (the Caucasian race) that you and I have known. Therefore, Allah has said to me that the time is ripe for you and me to accept our own (the whole planet earth). What are you waiting for? The destruction? Come, let us reason together, but you cannot until you have a through knowledge of self. Who are you waiting for to teach you the knowledge of self? Surely not your slave-masters who blinded you to the knowledge. The white race’s civilization will never work for us.