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1 The above question is now answered from the mouth of Allah to us, the so-called Negroes, for the first time since our straying away from our own nation.

2 This secret of who is God and who is the devil has been a mystery to the average one of mankind, to be revealed in all of its clearness to one who was so ignorant that he know not even himself - born blind, deaf and dumb in the wilderness of North America.

3 All praise is due to the Great Mahdi, who was to come and has come, the sole master of the worlds. I ask myself at times, What can I do to repay Allah (the Great Mahdi, Fard Muhammad) for His coming, wisdom, knowledge and understanding?

4 Most of us having been born in the southern part of this wilderness of sin, where the member of white race (man of sin) has always manifested himself to us (the so-called Negroes), should have known that he was really the evil one by the way he treated us. Yet, we were made so dumb that we still could not recognize him.

5 The truth of him is now being told and taught throughout the world, to his anger and sorrow. He is losing no time trying to hinder the truth of the above question, who is the original man?

6 He is setting watchers and listeners around me and my followers to see if he can find some other charge to put against us to satisfy his anger of the truth that we preach from the mouth of Allah, who is with us in person.

7 The original man, Allah has declared, is none other than the black man. The black man is the first and the last, maker and owner of the universe. From him came all brown, yellow, red and white people. By using a special method of birth control law the black man was able to produce the white race.

8 The true nature of the Black and white mankind should be enough to awaken the so-call Negroes and put them on the their feet and on the road to self-independence. Yet, they are so afraid of the slave-masters that they even love them to their destruction and wish that the bearer of truth would not tell the truth even if he knows it.

9 The time has arrived when it must be told the world over. There are millions who do not know who is the original man. Why should this question be put before the world today? Because it is the time of judgement between the black and white and the knowledge of the rightful owners of the earth.

10 Allah is now pointing out to the nations of earth their rightful places, and this judgement will bring an end to war over it. Now it is so easy to recognize the original man, the real owner of the earth, by the history of the two (black and white). We have an unending past history of the black nation and a limited one of the white race.

11 We find that history teaches that the earth was populated by the black nation ever since it was created, but the history of the white race does not take us beyond 6,000 years.

12 Everywhere the white race has gone on our planet, they have either found the original man or a sign that he had been there previously. Allah is proving to the world of black men that the white race actually does not own any part of our planet.

13 The Bible and the Holy Qur'an bears witness to the above, if you are able to understand it. The Holy Qur'an, the beauty of Scriptures, repeatedly challenges the white race to point out the part of the heavens and the earth that they created.

14 It further teaches that they are not even their own creators. We created white man from a small life germ, the soft pronoun "we" used nearly throughout the Holy Qur'an makes the knowledge of the original man much clearer and more intelligent of how the white race's creation took place.

15 In the Bible, referring to their creation, we have US (Gen. 1:26) creating, or rather making the race; the US and WE used show beyond a shadow of a doubt that they came from another people.

16 A knowledge of the white race removes once and for all times the mistakes that would be made in dealing with them. My followers and I can and are getting along with them in a more understandable way than ever because we know them.

17 You cannot blame one for the way he or she was born, for they had nothing to do with that. Can we say to them why don't you do the righteousness when nature did not give righteousness to them? Or say to them, why are you such a wicked devil? Who is responsible, the made or the maker? Yet we are not excused for following and practicing his evil or accepting him for a righteous guide just because he is not his maker.