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"He it is Who sent His Apostle with the guidance and the true religion, that he make it overcome the religions all of them, though the polytheists may be averse." According to the Holy Qur-an 6:19 (the right Scripture for the Time)

1 In the above verse Allah (God) in the last days of this present world (wicked and infidel) states that he must destroy false religions with the true religion (Islam). It (Islam) must overcome all other religions. The verse also teaches us that Allah in the judgment of the world will not recognize any religion other than Islam.

2 Take to task all the learned teachers of religions, and they will admit that God is One and that He will have only one religion in the hereafter.

3 Search the Scriptures of the Bible and Holy Qur-an and be convinced. There are two other religions today that oppose the religion of peace (Islam) namely, Buddhism and Christianity. These two opposing forces will be removed from the people completely by the light of Islam, Truth, guided by Allah in the person of the Great Mahdi, Fard Muhammad, I am His apostle. It will come to pass that you will not even find a trace of them. Christianity is already dying a natural death. We want a religion of peace, freedom, justice and equality. We want it from the Divine Supreme Being Allah and not a religion prepared by the hand of His (Allah’s) enemies.

4 They desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light though the unbelievers may be averse (Holy Qur-an 61:8). Regardless of the opponents’ efforts to put out the light of truth (Islam) today, their efforts will be a complete failure. Think over the slavery teachings of Christianity -- the three gods, the worship of Mary, the disciples of Jesus, the many gods of Buddhism, the incarnation taught by both and other ignorant practices. Islam teaches an eternal heaven for the righteous, for hell is not eternal.

5 These (heaven and hell) are not necessary places but conditions, Islam teaches that if a brother kills a brother, the murderer must be killed, or anyone that murders a Muslim.

6 The Christians go to war against each other daily, killing their own brothers and others. The righteous must be rid of such people. Make Islam to overcome all other religions whether the disbelievers like it or not. Our God is One God. Can One God believe in more than one religion and be true to Himself and others?

7 If the other religions were true religions, surely Allah (God) would not send an apostle to overcome them with another religion. "Is it other than Allah’s religion that they seek to follow and to Him submit whoever is in the heavens and earth, willingly or unwillingly" (Holy Qur-an 3:82). We all bear witness to the truth that everything of Allah’s creation obeys Him, regardless of size or numbers.

8 But the proud, wicked man of sin refuses to submit and goes about teaching ignorant people not to believe in Allah and His religion, Islam.

9 The true religion of Allah (God) is Islam (Holy Qur-an 3:18). The emblem of Islam represents the sun, moon and stars; the meaning is Freedom (Sun), Justice (Star), and Equality (Moon).

10 No other nation’s religion has the sun, moon, and stars as its emblem. No religion is worthwhile if its roots are not found in the universal order of things. No nation can use the sun, moon, and stars to represent their government or religion but the nation that owns it (the nation of Islam).

11 We are the sole owners of the earth. It was our father who made it. The prayer service of Islam is not equaled by any other religion -- five prayers a day made with the face turned in the direction of the sunrise.

12 Prayer is at sunrise, noon, mid-afternoon, sundown and before retiring. On awakening during the night, another prayer is made. In fact, two prayers should be said during the night, making a total of seven prayers a day. There is no worship of a Sunday or Sabbath in Islam. All the days are worship days. The Muslims wash and clean all exposed parts of their bodies before prayer early at the gray dawn of day.