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1 We are now living in the time mentioned above according to the Holy Qur-an. When we as a people should begin setting our faces upright to the religion in the right state and stop believing in the slave-master’s slavery religious teachings, which are not in the right state, then we shall be successful and the world will respect us.

2 Which one of these emblems represent a good religion, the cross or the Star and Crescent? To attract one to do good, you must have something of good. Our religion, Islam, has the best sign (the Crescent). There is no doubt about it. We have taken the best of everything for our own (the Sun, Moon and Stars); ever since it was created by our Father, we know the best. What can be more essential to our well-being than the Sun, Moon, and Stars?

3 The spiritual meaning of our emblem (the Crescent) is Freedom, Justice, and Equality, not that we "say" one thing and do otherwise; a Muslim tries to carry into practice what he preaches; not so the Christians. They "say" and do not. But after all, their religious emblem (the cross) and its meaning compare with the nature of the so-called Christians. By nature they are murderers. By nature they love to make slaves of others. By nature they are haters of the Black Nation, which loves freedom, justice and equality. It looks strange to see people accepting the cross as a sign of good religion.

4 The Ten Commandments which Moses gave to them (the white race) have never been practiced by them or those whom they teach. They (the white race) were condemned by Jesus as not obeying. Why should we be looking and begging for that which is good (freedom, justice and equality)! Islam is that right religion (which by nature they cannot give us).

5 According to the Holy Qur-an (30:30), one of the greatest teachings of brotherhood is laid down by us by the Prophet Muhammad in these words: "A Muslim is not a Muslim until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself." The old Christian religion has been the white man’s whip to lash the black man ever since it was organized. My people here in America are fast awakening to the slavery teachings of Christianity to the dislike of their enemies.

6 A few years ago the so-called Negroes could easily be frightened and worked up into emotion by the preacher, yelling and spitting out foam all over the pulpit, preaching hellfire after death and the dying of Jesus on the cross. He would paint an imaginary picture in the minds of the listeners -- of meeting some dead relative up in the heavens (sky) after death or mourn them into grief and sorrow. My people are leaving and rejecting such nonsense as they advance more and more educationally. After they have heard the truth of it all, that Allah has and is teaching me, they will not go near that slavery teaching. Their eyes must be opened to the truth at any price.