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1 Both books are called holy. The word of Allah (God) is holy, and His word is true. Therefore, all truth is holy; for Allah (God) is holy and is the author of truth, without the shadow of a doubt! Allah is the representative of the Holy Qur-an (not a prophet) in these words: "This book, there is no doubt of it, is a guide to those who guard against evil" (2:2), translated by Maulvi Muhammad Ali. Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation of the same verse reads nearly the same: "This is the book; in it is guidance, sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah (God)" (2:2).

2 The Bible does not claim God to be its author. Jehovah calls to Moses out of the burning bush to go to Pharaoh (Ex. 3:9). There is no mention of a book or Bible that is found that Jehovah gave to Moses in the first five books of the Bible, which are claimed to be Moses’ books. Moses’ rod is the only thing used against Pharaoh and the land of Egypt; and tables of stone in the mountains of Sinai. The miraculous rod of Moses, and not a book, brought Pharaoh and his people to their doom. The Ten Commandments served as a guide for the Jews in the Promised Land. Where do we find in the Bible that it was given to Moses by Jehovah under such name as Bible or the Book?

3 But, on the other hand, Allah (God) tells that He gave the Book, the Holy Qur-an, to Muhammad. "I am Allah, the best knower, the revelation of the book there is no doubt in it, it is from the Lord of the worlds." (Sura 32:1,2). Allah says to Muhammad in the same above (Sura 32:23): "We gave the Book to Moses, and be not in doubt in receiving it, we made it a guide for the children of Israel."

4 (If Moses’ rod and book were given as a guide for Israel, and the gospel God gave to Jesus as a guide and warning to the Christians, and the Holy Qur-an to Muhammad for the Arab world, will God give us (the so-called Negroes) a book as a guide for us? Will He bring it or send it? For those books were for other people and not for us.)

5 If we are in the change of the two worlds (Christianity and Islam), then surely we need a "new book" for our guidance; for those books have served the people to whom they were given. But all or both books are guidance for us all. Yet we must have a new book for the "new change"; that which no eye has seen nor ear has heard, nor has entered into our hearts what it is like. We know these books, they have been seen and handled by both the good and no good. Certainly the Holy Qur-an is from the Lord of the Worlds, there can be no doubt in the word of Allah (God). But if the book or books have the words of someone else other than Allah’s words in it or them, there is no doubt in our hearts concerning the receivings of such book or books!