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1 The original scripture called "The Torah" -- revealed to Musa (Moses) -- was Holy until the Jews and the Christian scholars started tampering with it. Today, the Bible has become a "commercialized book," therefore, many are allowed to rewrite or revise it. I think when it comes to the word of Allah (God) or a book revealed by Him, that word or book is sacred and should be protected from corruption by the hands of people who care nothing for its sacredness. It is like a "rattlesnake" in the hands of my people, for they (most of them) do not understand it.

2 Some believe (in that story of the Bible) that the black people are a curse of Noah on one of his sons (Ham) because this son laughed at his father’s nakedness while being drunk from wine (Genesis 9:21-25). The black nation has no birth record. There were as many or more black people on our planet in the days of Noah as there are today. The Bible’s record of the flood is 2,348 years before Christ, and if the records are true, we are nearly 4,500 years from Noah’s flood. If there were no black people before Noah, then that wicked people who were destroyed in the flood were white people. And again, if those were of that race, the warning of the destruction of the wicked world by fire the next time is made clearer to those whom that fire will destroy.

3 The black people, and especially the so-called Negroes, are now in the very area where God has said to me that the fire (often referred to as the "fire of hell" or "hell fire") will begin which will destroy the present wicked white race of America first. The sins of the white race are far worse and more pungent to the nostril of God than the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah! The fire of hell is not intended for the so-called Negroes: only those who, after hearing this teaching of the truth which I am giving to you and the warnings of Allah (God), will wilfully hold on to the white race and their religion, Christianity.

4 The so-called Negroes are made so poisoned by this wicked race of devils that they love them more than they love their own people. It is really because of the evil done to them by the American white race that Allah (God) has but them on His list, as the first to be destroyed. The others will be given a little longer to live, as the prophet Daniel says (7:11, 19 and Rev. 19:20). Believe it, or let it alone, the above refers to America. She is the only white government out of the European race that answers the description of the symbolic Fourth Beast. The so-called Negroes are warned to come out of her (America) (Rev. 18:4), though the truth of Daniel and Revelations could not be told until the time of the end of this prophecy.

5 The Bible means good if you can rightly understand it. My interpretation of it is given to me from the Lord of the Worlds. Yours is your own and from the enemies of the truth. The so-called Negroes will be the lucky ones, that is, if they stop following and practicing the evils and indecent doings of this wicked and doomed race of devils (whose true self has been a secret for 6,000 years).

6 So-called Negroes, accept your own God, religion and people so that you may be successful in escaping the fire!