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1 If we have the true knowledge of the Bible and Holy Qur-an, we could agree on the truth of God, devil, religion and the people of Allah. We cannot say and prove that the Bible is all the word of Allah. The Bible is nearly two-thirds prophecy -- What some others say that God said.

2 It is originally referred to as the "Book," I suppose because of the compilation of the book which contains the books of many others on histories, predictions, stories of rulers, people and nations, poems, parables, rules and laws.

3 The First Book called "Genesis" consists of an attempt at describing the creation and the history of the Old World; and steps taken by God towards the formation of the theocracy. The Second Book called "Exodus" -- the history of Israel’s departure from Egypt; the giving of the law. The Third Book called "Leviticus," contains ceremonial laws. The Fourth Book is called "Numbers" -- the census of the people; the story of the wanderings in the wilderness. The Last Book, called "Revelations," contains very interesting symbolic predictions.

4 The English translators of the Bible dedicated the Book to one of their kings -- James of England. The first half of the Book if often referred to as the Torah. The second half is called the Gospel of New Testament.

5 The Bible is called holy, and the word of God. Some of you go too far in such belief. The Bible is not all holy, nor is it all the word of God! I hope that you who believe that it is all the word of God and holy will read my proofs as taken from the Bible, which show that it is not all holy and all the word of God.

6 The preachers of the Bible should know it is not all holy without being told or proved that it is not. But, most of these preachers’ mouths and tongues are controlled by the enemy of truth for the sake of certain privileges; just as the false prophets of Baal and magicians of Pharaoh wanted to please the enemies of God!

7 If we should set ourselves aside to preach the truth, then we must be sure that we have and know the truth ourselves. If we preach it from a book, we must make certain that the book is true and that it is from the author of Truth. The Bible and Holy Qur-an are filled with truth that leads us up to the judgment, and some of their prophecies refer to the hereafter. Since these prophecies are a small percentage of the whole, it makes it necessary for a new scripture (or guidance) for the hereafter.

8 The enemy has tampered with the truth in both books: for he has been permitted to handle both books. Neither the Holy Qur-an nor the Bible was revealed with the intention of converting the white race into truth and righteousness; for God knew that there was no good in them the day they were created. But they are capable of deceiving you in regard to Allah and the righteous.

9 If you desire to preach or teach that a certain religion is true or right, you should know all religions and their scriptures. The man that God chooseth for Himself was among the people as a warner to them, such a one does not need previous training and knowledge, for Allah is his teacher and trainer.

10 The white man does not have knowledge of the Book that he is preaching.

11 The Bible’s first five books (or Old Testament) are said to be Moses’ Books. But it only mentions the giving of the Ten Commandments, and not a Book (Exodus 20:1-18).

12 I hope that you will not misunderstand me and think that I do not believe in Moses receiving the Torah. Nor does the New Testament open by saying: "This is a book or scripture revealed to Jesus," nor does Jesus tell us that He received a book. But yet the New Testament was revealed to Jesus, and the Revelation (the last Book of the Bible) was revealed to Yakub (titled John).

13 The Bible being tampered with by the Jews and the Christians has caused many divisions among the people because of their not understanding it. Since the creation of the white race, scripture after scripture along with many prophets have been given to the people of this world for the purpose of guiding and warning the righteous of their enemies, the devils.

14 The Holy Qur-an and Bible warn us of a day of judgment of this world -- a day of total destruction -- that none shall be left from that destruction but the righteous, or the original owners. The black nation are the original owners and makers.

15 The Holy Qur-an Sharrieff is a revealed book (scripture) given to Muhammad, like the prophets before him.. This Book contains the last warnings, and makes clear to us that which we did not understand to the Torah and the Gospel. It also gives to us the perfect rule and guidance.

16 One of its names is, "That Which Makes A Distinction," and another, "That Light" or "The Truth." It is the Book for the American so-called Negroes; and it is best that they throw the Bible in the waste pail since they cannot understand it. There is another Book that none has been able to see or read, its contents coming soon from Allah -- the "Last Book," which takes us into the hereafter.

17 The so-called American Negroes are great disputers of the Bible without half knowing its true meaning. The wise scholars even of Christianity have very little respect for the way in which the Bible is written up.

18 According to the Bible, "Adam’s sins meant the death of all the human family." As Mr. Naseem Saifi says in his book entitled, "This is Christianity," pp. 10 and 11: -- "Why should everyone die for the wrong done by one person?"

19 Some, according to the Bible, were even taken to heaven whole soul and body. And what is worst, Jesus, a righteous man, had to be murdered to pay the price of the sin of the murderer (Adam) in order to free the people who were under a death penalty for the sin of Adam -- while yet the Book teaches that God is a just God.

20 No common father of a son would like to kill his own son for the wrong of a man who lived 4,000 years before his son was born. Yet his son’s death did not pay the price; nor did it stop the people from sinning. And, yet the father has to kill that same people (the Adamic) in order to get rid of sin.

21 "Is God justified in condemning the whole of mankind for the sin of one man?" (Mr. Naseem Saifi says on the same page 10).

22 Another error was made: Jesus was supposed to have given His life for the sins of the people, and after three days He took it back. Well, this just does not make sense! If a man pays a certain amount of money to redeem some property held in pawn by the pawnbroker, and the next few days he returns and demands his money without returning the property, we call such a man a robber.

23 It cannot be said that Jesus gave His life to the world as a ransom for the sins of the world and then later took it back! We can only say that someone has made a very bad job of the Bible. No wonder the slave-masters were so careful of their slaves reading it.