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1 The Holy Qur-an is a great book when it is understood. The above verse warns against mixing Truth with falsehood, as it is the policy of the devils. But nearly all the religious leaders of Christianity are guilty of mixing up the Divine Truth with falsehood. Now they don't know which is Truth and which is falsehood. They are really confused, thinking and planning against the Truth, trying to hide falsehood. They mixed up the Truth of the Bible so much that today they admit someone has tampered with the book. The Bible now teaches against evil and for evil. For instance, it says that we should not drink strong drinks; wine is prohibited in some places and in others it says that it is good for us.

2 The Truth must triumph over falsehood, as day triumphs over night. When we deny the truth it shows that we love falsehood more than truth. If we fear to speak the truth for the sake of falsehood, this is not only hiding the truth, but is actually showing fear and distrust in the Divine Supreme Being, His wisdom and His power.

3 This hiding and mixing the truth with falsehood because of fear of the enemy (devils) is taking a great number of our people to hell with the devils.

4 It is natural for one to fear that of which he has no knowledge. However, when Truth and Knowledge are made clear to you, you have no cloak for your fear. Your mixing up Truth with falsehood is only because you fear your enemy (the devils).

5 Allah (God) doesn't care for us when our fear is greater for our enemies than for Him. Allah says: AI and I alone, should you fear. Believe in that which I have revealed, verifying that which is with you, and be not the first to deny it; neither take a mean price for my message; and keep your duty to Me, and to Me alone (Holy Qur-an 2:40-41).

6 Once the so-called Negroes drop slavery (Christianity), and accept Allah for their God, and His religion (Islam) Allah will remove their fear and grief, and they will not fear nor grieve any more.

7 It is a shame to see our people in such fearful condition. The fearful and the unbelieving shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death (Rev. 21:8).

8 The devil whom they fear more than Allah (God) was not able to protect himself against Allah; therefore his followers shared with him the fire of hell. They had suffered one death (mental), and by fearing the devils and rejecting the truth, they suffered a physical death, which was the final death.

9 The devils know that they have deceived the world with their false religion (Christianity). The devils are so afraid that Islam is going to give life and light to the so-called Negroes that they sit and watch over them day and night.