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1 You have learned, from the reading of history, that a nation's permanent success depends on its obedience to Allah. We have seen the white race (devils) in heaven, among the righteous, causing trouble (making mischief and causing bloodshed), until they were discovered.

2 They made trouble for six months, right in heaven, deceiving the ancient original people who were holy. But, when they learned just who was causing the trouble; they, as you have learned, cast the troublemakers out into the worst and poorest part of our planet earth.

3 They were punished by being deprived of divine guidance, for 2,000 years which brought them almost into the family of wild beasts -- going upon all fours; eating raw and unseasoned, uncooked food; living in caves and tree tops, climbing and jumping from one tree to the other.

4 Even today, they like climbing and jumping. The monkeys are from them. Before their time, there were no such things as monkeys, apes and swine. Read the Holy Qur-an (Chapter 18) entitled: The Cave. The Holy Qur-an mentioned them as being turned into apes and swine as a divine curse, because of their disbelief in Moses.

5 We do know that both of these animals are loved and befriended by the white race, along with the dog. But, all of the divine curses sent upon the white race in these days are not enough to serve as a warning to that race. They rose up from the caves and hillsides of Europe, went back to Asia, and have ruled nine-tenths of that great continent.

6 Muhammad set the devils back for 1,000 years. They were released on the coming of Columbus, and his finding of this Western hemisphere. They have been here now over 400 years. Their worst and most unpardonable sins were the bringing of the so-called Negroes here to do their labor.

7 The so-called Negroes have not only given free labor, but have given their lives on the soil of their masters and, all over the earth wherever his hateful and murdering slave-master wants them to go. Now, the slave wants better treatment. They are fast learning today, that these are the children of those who made merchandise out of their fathers. The devil is the devil regardless of place and time.

8 They deceived our fathers and are now deceiving the children, under many false disguises, (as though they want to be friends of the black man) such as integration and intermarriage.

9 The devil said to Allah: AI shall certainly come upon them from before them and from behind them; and from their right and from their left; and Thou wilt not find most of them thankful (Holy Qur-an 7:17). This is being fulfilled before our very eyes today. The devils are doing both.

10 They come to the so-called Negroes as friends and as open enemies. They go before them, changing the truth into false; and come behind the Truth-bearer to the so-called Negroes, speaking evil of the truth. They threaten the so-called Negroes with poverty and imprisonment, and make rosy promises to them, only to deceive.

11 They are telling the so-called Negroes that they realized that they used to mistreat the Negroes, but now they are going to do better and forget the past. Let us live like brothers for we are all from God.

12 Along with such smooth lies is an offer of one of the devils' women. The poor so-called Negroes fall victim and the devil men raid the neighborhood of the so-called Negro women, day and night, to make all desirous of hell fire.

13 This is the way they have planned to beat Allah to the so-called Negroes. What should you do? The answer: Stay away from sweethearting with devils. Surely this is the end of their time, on our planet. Allah said to the devil: Get out of it despised, and driven away. Whoever of them (the Negroes) will follow you, I will certainly fill hell with you all (7:18). So remember, your seeking friendship with this race of devils means seeking a place in their hell.

14 The devil swore to them that he was a sincere adviser (7:21). The Holy Qur-an further says: Surely they took the devils for friends instead of Allah, and they think that they are right guided (7:30). Not only the so-called Negroes are deceived by this race of devils, but even many of the Asiatic Muslims do not know that the white race are devils.

15 Some hate me for teaching this manifest truth of that race; but I want my people here (the so-called Negroes) to wake up and escape the fire that Allah has kindled for their enemies. For they really are not to blame and only need awakening.

16 Some so-called Negroes, who are in love with the devils, do not like to see nor hear it being made manifest. We could lose them without ever missing them; for all who are found believing in, and in love with, the devils will be destroyed with the devils.

17 Now, the world must know how to distinguish the real devils from the non-devils, for there are thousands of our people throughout the world who can hardly be distinguished, by color, from the real devil. There are certain climates which seem to change the white race into a red or brown color.

18 And where they mix freely with our own kind, their skin and eyes show a difference in color. Their eyes are brown and grayish blue. By carefully watching their behavior, you can easily distinguish them from our people (dark, brown, yellow or red).

19 The characteristics of their children are easily distinguished from the original children, regardless of how near in color they may be. The devil children, whenever they are around and among original children, like to show off, and love to make mockery of the original children.

20 They teach them evil; talk filth; sing filthy songs; filthy dancing; and games; and will not leave the original children without starting a fight. Their little mouths, like their parents' before them, are filled with cursing and swearing.

21 Remember the Bible's teaching of this race of devils, and especially II Thessalonians (Chapter 2:3-12), and Revelation (12:9-17,20:10). The treatment of the so-called Negroes by the devils is sufficient proof to the so-called Negroes, that they (the white race), are real devils.

22 And if this teaching, along with what they are suffering from their beloved devils, does not awaken them to the knowledge of the devils, all I can say for them, then is that they are just lost. They won't be accepted by God nor by the righteous Muslims, with even the name of the devils.

23 Muhammad took hold of the best, the belief in one God (Allah), and was successful. Fourteen hundred years after him we are successful. That is, we who will not set up another God with Allah. The fools who refuse to believe in Allah alone, as the one God, if asked: Who made the heavens and earth? most surely would say God, and would not say: God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Then why don't they serve and obey Allah?

24 It is a perfect insult to Allah, who made the heavens and earth, and makes the earth to produce everything for our services, and even the sun, moon and stars -- which serve our needs -- for us to bow down and worship anything other than Allah as a God. The Great Mahdi, Allah in person, who is in our midst today, will put a stop once and forever, to the serving and worshiping of other gods beside Himself.

25 It is the devil's way of bringing the people (the so-called Negroes) of Allah in opposition to Him by teaching the people to believe and do just the thing that God forbids. Muhammad did not try making a likeness of God nor have his followers done so.

26 He and his followers obey and do the law of Allah, while the Jews and the Christians preach it and do otherwise. We are now being brought face to face with Allah, for a showdown between Him and that which we have served as god beside Him.

27 Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth submits to the God of black mankind -- the sun, the moon, the stars and the powers that uphold them are from the original black nation. He is the first and the last.

28 The black man produces these four colors: brown, red, yellow and white. The original people, whom the white race found here (red people), were the brothers of the black man, they are referred to as the Red Indians.

29 The Indian part of the name must refer to the name of the country from which they came, India. The All-wise Allah said that they came here 16,000 years ago and that they were exiled from India for breaking the law of Islam.

30 All of our colors -- brown, red and yellow -- have ruled since the black. The white race, the most recently made color, ruled all the other colors for the past 6,000 years.

31 Why is the black man just coming into his own? Because he desired to try getting experience (or trying everything) himself. Today you see every color in power but the black man, yet he is the originator of all. Now the Great Mahdi (God in person) with His infinite wisdom, knowledge and understanding, is going to put the original black man in his original place as he was at first, the God and ruler of the universe.

32 Notice the general awakening of this number one man of these people throughout the world of mankind, the crushed ones of the five above-mentioned colors. The last 6,000 years have witnessed the most terrible blows, meant to complete the destruction of this color.

33 Their color is most adapted to any part of our planet under any climatic condition. The color of their eyes (black and white) is of all the others, the best -- the most beautiful of all. Their black hair, white teeth are all the best for they are the best people.

34 They haven't had their day in many thousands of years. Fifty thousand years ago he had his complete fall. (I shouldn't use the word fall for it was not; he only allowed the weaker of himself to rule).

35 When he put the last color of his color into power, the white color or race became the real enemy of the father (black man) and tried and is still trying to exterminate the original color (black) by many ways and means.

36 Today, the white race, the blacks' worst enemies, has planned to make a last try to destroy the black man by pretending to be their friends and allow intermarriage.

37 Many Americans (especially the Southerners) don't like the idea, but will finally be persuaded by their more learned men when they see no other way of making a final stroke at the black man. It will be short-lived for the judgment will sit, and the agreement will be broken between the black and whites as it is written (Isaiah 29:17,18).

38 The original black man has been without the knowledge of himself for a long time and this one (the American so-called Negroes), of all of his kind, is the dumbest to the knowledge of self, due to the way his slave-master teaches and trains him.

39 But this is the time of the awakening of this poor slave and no powers on earth or in the heavens above will be able to prevent it. For it is the will and work of Allah and His choice of the people.

40 He has chosen the so-called Negroes, but they being blinded and made deaf and dumb, have not but a few chosen Allah to be their God; but they will, after they see more of His power displayed in the West -- and they will see it. It is going on now. It is a must with Allah to restore the lost sheep.

41 The black people are by nature the righteous. They have love and mercy in their hearts even after trying to live the life of the devils -- this is still recognized in them. When they are fully in the knowledge of self, they will do righteousness and live in peace among themselves.

42 One can't judge them now for they are not their own selves. We, the original nation of earth, says Allah, the Maker of everything -- sun, moon and stars and the race called white race -- are the writers of the Bible and Qur-an.

43 We make such history once every 25,000 years. When such history is written, it is done by twenty-four of our scientists. Once acts as Judge or God for the others and twenty-three actually do the work of getting up the future of the nation, and all is put into one book and at intervals where such and such part or portion will come to pass, that people will be given that part of the book through one among that people from one of the Twelve (twelve major scientists) as it is then called a Scripture which actually means script of writing from something original or book.

44 There is a significance to the number 24 Scientists and the 25,000 years. The number twenty-four Scientists used is in accordance with the hours in our day and the measurement of the circumference of our planet around the equator and in the region of our Poles, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans.

45 Our planet is not exactly 25,000 miles in circumference, it is 24,896 and we, according to astronomy, don't have a full 24-hour day but near that--23 hours, 56 minutes and 46 seconds. The change made in our planets rotation at the Poles is about one minute a year and takes 25,000 years to bring about a complete change in the region of the Poles. The actual Poles are inclines 23 2 degrees to the plane of its orbit. The original black nation used 23 scientists to write the future of that nation for the next 25,000 years, and the 24th is the Judge or the one God, Allah. Allah taught me that, once upon a time they made history to last for 35,000 years. Let me stop here and say this:

46 My people must know the truth, the Gods truth -- the time is at hand! They are reared and taught by the devils and they know it not; and being ignorant of the truth, they offer opposition to the God of their salvation, Who is the very author of Truth.

47 I am His Messenger. They do this because of the fear of the devils. They are made to believe that without the friendship of the devils they would perish.

48 The Bible warns them against the friendship of the devils (James 4:4). Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. The sixth verse of the same chapter reads: Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

49 Do they dare resist the devils? No! Being without the truth of Allah and the devil, they are afraid; and that fear is the cause of their suffering and will be the cause of their destruction in hell, with the devils whom they love and fear. Preachers, who read and study to teach the Bible to your own people, get the understanding of it first before teaching it to the blind, deaf and dumb of your people lest you lead both them and yourselves to hell. Remember -- your white slave-masters are your translators and teachers of the Bible. They -- who will not give you justice under this law -- will not give you truth and justice in the World of God! Stop being a fool for false friendships of the devils, stop teaching your people to love their enemies, which is a lie the devils teach and claim that Jesus taught it.

50 We are the makers of divine histories, and who is better in knowledge than Allah?

51 Man is easily made, but the sun, moon and stars are much harder to make. Yet we are the makers of them. In making the moon, it was not our original father's intention to make the moon as it is. His real intention was to destroy the moon (earth) but failed and all others who make such attempts will fail.

52 What! You disbelieve it? Do you not see that the devils are trying to make themselves a satellite to make you believe that they are the masters of the heavens and earth, as it is written of them in the Bible and Holy Qur-an (Isaiah 14:13, 14-16th verses).

53 They destroyed other people, cities and opened not the house of his prisoners. None has fulfilled this prophecy better than America. She has destroyed other nations' cities while she has not suffered the loss of one of her cities by a foreign nation, while preaching the freedom of her own people from the powers of other nations.

54 She holds a whole nation (so-called Negroes) prisoner, and refuses to open the door of freedom, justice and equality to them. She threatens to go to war against other nations who hold any of her citizens prisoners. They now boast of building rockets to land on our moon (which can't and won't be done); and to build a small contraption to try circling the earth like our moon, which we have made to revolve around the earth.

55 The following is from the Holy Qur-an: And we (the devils) sought to reach heaven, but we found it filled with strong guards and flames; and we (the devils) used to sit in some of the sitting-places thereof to steal a hearing. But he who tries to listen now finds a flame lying in wait for him@ (Holy Qur-an 72:8,9).

56 I am for the separation of my people from their enemies; that they share not in the enemies' destruction, even though I may lose my own life in this daring attempt to save them by the plain, simple truth of God and power. It must be done and will be done, regardless of whom or what. It can be done in one day, but Allah desires to make Himself known in the West, as it is written of Him.

57 Our 66 trillion years from the moon has proven a great and wise show of the original power, to build wonders in the heavens and earth. Six thousand years ago, or to be more exact 6,600 years ago, as Allah taught me, our nation gave birth to another God whose name was Yakub. He started studying the life germ of man to try making a new creation (new man) whom our twenty-four scientists had foretold 8,400 years before the birth of Mr. Yakub, and the Scientists were aware of his birth and work before he was born, as they are today of the intentions or ideas of the present world.

58 According to the word of Allah to me, AMR. Yakub was seen by the twenty-three Scientists of the black nation, over 15,000 years ago. They predicted that in the year 8,400 (that was in our calendar year before this world of the white race), this man (Yakub) would be born twenty miles from the present Holy City, Mecca, Arabia. And, that at the time of his birth, the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the people would be: -- 70 per cent satisfied, 30 per cent dissatisfied.

59 And, that when this man is born, he will change civilization (the world), and produce a new race of people, who would rule the original black nation for 6,000 years (from the nine thousandth year to the fifteen thousandth year).

60 After that time, the original black nation would give birth to one, whose wisdom, Knowledge and power would be infinite. One, whom the world would recognize as being the greatest and mightiest God, since the creation of the universe. And, that He would destroy Yakub's world and restore the original nation, or ancient nation, into power to rule forever.

61 This mighty One, is known under many names. He has no equal. There never was one like Him. He is referred to in the Bible as God Almighty, and in some places as Jehovah, the God of Gods, and the Lord of Lords.

62 The Holy Qur-an refers to Him as Allah, the One God; beside Him, there is no God and there is none like Him; the Supreme Being; the mighty, the wise, the best knower; the light; the life giver; the Mahdi (this is He, Whom I have met and am missioned by).

63 He, also, referred to as the Christ, the second Jesus. The Son of Man, who is wise and is all-powerful. He knows how to reproduce the universe, and the people of His choice. He will remove and destroy the present, old warring wicked world of Yakub (the Caucasian world) and set up a world of peace and righteousness, out of the present so-called Negroes, who are rejected and despised by this world.

64 Mr. Yakub was, naturally, born out of the 30 per cent dissatisfied. As we know, wherever there is a longing or demand for a change, nature will produce that man, who will bring it about.

65 Allah taught me that the present percentage of dissatisfaction is 98 per cent near, 100 per cent, with the present ruling powers. This 100 per cent dissatisfied will bring about a 100 per cent change. Yakub did not bring about a 100 per cent change, but near (90 per cent). Allah said: When Yakub was six years old, one day, he was sitting down playing with two pieces of steel. He noticed the magnetic power in the steel attracting the other. He looked up at his uncle and said: Uncle, when I get to be an old man, I am going to make a people who shall rule you. The uncle said: What will you make; something to make mischief and cause bloodshed in the land? Yakub said: Nevertheless, Uncle, I know that which you do not know.

66 And, it was at that moment, the boy Yakub, first came into the knowledge of just who he was -- born to make trouble, break peace, kill and destroy his own people with a made enemy to the black nation.

67 He learned his future from playing with steel. It is steel and more steel that this made race (the white race), are still playing with. Steel has become the most useful of all metal for the people. What he really saw in playing with the two pieces of steel was the magnetic power of attraction.

68 The one attracting and drawing the other under its power. In this, he saw an unlike human being, made to attract others, who could, with the knowledge of tricks and lies, rule the original black man -- until that nation could produce one greater and capable of overcoming and making manifest his race of tricks and lies, with a nation of truth.

69 Yakub was the founder of unlike attracts and like repels, though Mr. Yakub was a member of the black nation. He began school at the age of four. He had an unusual sized head. When he had grown up, the others referred to him as the Big head scientist.

70 At the age of 18 he had finished all of the colleges and universities of his nation, and was seen preaching on the streets of Mecca, making converts. He made such impressions on the people, that many began following him.

71 He learned from studying the germ of the black man, under the microscope, that there were two people in him, and that one was black, the other brown.

72 He said if he could successfully separate the one from the other he could graft the brown germ into its last stage, which would be white. With his wisdom, he could make the white, which he discovered was the weaker of the black germ (which would be unalike) rule the black nation for a time (until a greater one than Yakub was born).

73 This new idea put him to work finding the necessary converts to begin grafting his new race of people. He began by teaching Islam, with promises of luxury to those who would believe and follow him.

74 As Mr. Yakub continued to preach for converts, he told his people that he would make the others work for them. (This promise came to pass). Naturally, there are always some people around who would like to have others do their work. Those are the ones who feel for Mr. Yakub's teaching, 100 per cent.

75 As he made converts in and around the Holy City of Mecca, persecutions set in. The authorities became afraid of such powerful teachings, with promises of luxury and making slaves of others. As they began making arrests of those who believed the teaching, the officers would go back and find, to their surprise, others still teaching and believing it.

76 Finally they arrested Mr. Yakub. But, it only increased the teachings. They kept persecuting and arresting Yakub=s followers until they filled all the jails.

77 The officers finally reported to the King that there was no room to put a prisoner in -- if arrested. All the jails are filled; and, when we go out into the streets, we find them still teaching. What shall we do with them? The King questioned the officers on just what the teachings were; and of the name of the leader.

78 The officers gave the King the answers to everything. The King said: This is not the name of that man. On entering the prison, the King was shown Yakub's cell. Wa-Alaikum. The King said: So you are Mr. Yakub? He said: Yes, I am. The King said: Yakub, I have come to see if we could work out some agreement that would bring about an end to this trouble. What would you suggest?

79 Mr. Yakub told the King: If you give me and my followers everything to start civilization as you have, and furnish us with money and other necessities of life for twenty years, I will take my followers and we will go from you.

80 The King was pleased with the suggestion or condition made by Yakub, and agreed to take care of them for twenty years, until Yakub's followers were able to go for themselves.

81 After learning who Mr. Yakub was, they all were afraid of him, and were glad to make almost any agreement with him and his followers.

82 This history or future of Mr. Yakub and his people was in the Nation's Book, by the writers (23 Scientists) of our history, 84,000 years before his birth. So, the Government began to make preparation for the exiling of Mr. Yakub and his followers. The King ordered everyone rounded up who was a believer in Mr. Yakub. They took them to the seaport and loaded them on ships.

83 After rounding them all up into ships, they numbered 59,999. Yakub made 60,000. Their ships sailed out to an Isle in the Aegean Sea called Pelan (Bible Patmos). After they were loaded into the ships, Mr. Yakub examined each of them to see if they were 100 per cent with him; and to see if they were all healthy and productive people. If not, he would throw them off. Some were found to be unfit and overboard they went.

84 When they arrived at the Isle, Mr. Yakub said to them: See how they (the Holy people) have cast us out. Now -- if you will choose me to be your King, I will teach you how to go back and rule them all.

85 Of course, they had already chosen Yakub to be their King at the very start. So, Yakub chose doctors, ministers, nurses and a cremator for his top laborers. He called these laborers together and told them his plan for making a new people, who would rule for 6,000 years.

86 He called the doctor first and said: Doctor, let all the people come to you who want to marry; and if there come to you two real black ones, take a needle and get a little of their blood and go into your room and pretend to be examining it, to see whether their blood would mix. Then, come and tell them that they will each have to find another mate, because their blood does not mix. (It was the aim of Yakub to get rid of the black and he did.) Give them a certificate to take to the minister, warning the minister against marrying the couple because their blood does not mix. When there comes to you two browner ones, take a pretended blood test of them; but, give them a certificate saying that they are eligible to marry.

87 Mr. Yakub's charge to his laborers was very strict -- death if one disobeyed. They didn't know what Yakub had in mind until they were given their labor to do. He made his laborers, from the chief to the least, liars. The doctor lied about the blood of the two black people who wanted to marry, that it did not mix.

88 The brown and black could not be married (brown only). The doctors of today hold the same position over the people. You go to them to get a blood test to see if you are fit to be married.

89 Today, they say it is done to see if there are any contagious germs in the blood. I wish that they would enforce such a law today (keep the white from mixing with black -- just the opposite). Perhaps we could remain black and not be disgraced by a mixture of all colors.

90 In the days of Yakub's grafting of the present white race, a new and unalike race among the black nation for 600 years, his law was -- that they should not allow the birth of a black baby in their family, but the white (devil) should mix their blood with the black nation, in order to help destroy black; but, they should not allow the black to mix with their blood.

91 His aim was to kill and destroy the black nation. He ordered the nurses to kill all black babies that were born among his people, by pricking the brains with a sharp needle as soon as the black child's head is out of the mother.

92 If the mother is alert (watching the nurse), then the nurse would lie and fool the mother to get possession of child to murder it, by saying that she (mother) gave birth to an Angel child. And that she (the nurse) would like to take the baby to heaven, so when the mother dies, she would have a room with her child in heaven, for her baby was an angel.

93 This is the beginning of the first lie or liar; and, it was so that the nurse would take the black baby away on this falsehood and claim that they were taking the poor black baby to heaven. As Yakub had taught them, they would feed it to wild beasts and if they did not a wild beast to feed the black babies to, Yakub told the nurses to give it to the cremator to burn.

94 Mr. Yakub warned the laborers, from the doctor down to this cremator, that if anyone of them failed to carry out his orders, off go their heads.

95 When there was a birth of a brown baby, the nurse would come and make much ado over it, and, would tell the mother that she had given birth to a holy child and that she would nurse it for the next six weeks, for her child was going to be a great man (that is when it was a boy baby).

96 After the first 200 years, Mr. Yakub had done away with the black babies, and all were brown. After another 200 years, he had all yellow or red, which was 400 years after being on Pelan. Another 200 years, which brings us to the six hundredth year, Mr. Yakub had an all-pale white race of people on this Isle.

97 Of course, Mr. Yakub lived but 150 years; but, his ideas continued in practice. He gave his people guidance in the form of literature. What they should do and how to do it (how to rule the black nation). He said to them: When you become unalike (white), you may return to the Holy Land and people, from whom you were exiled.

98 The Yakub made devils were really pale white, with really blue eyes; which we think are the ugliest of colors for a human eye. They were called Caucasian -- which means, according to some of the Arab scholars, One whose evil effect is not confined to ones self alone, but affects others.

99 There was no good taught to them while on the Island. By teaching the nurses to kill the black baby and save the brown baby, so as to graft the white out of it; by lying to the black mother of the baby, this lie was born into the very nature of the white baby; and, murder for the black people also born in them -- or made by nature a liar and murderer.

100 The black nation is only fooling themselves to take the Caucasian race otherwise. This is what Jesus learned to their history, before He gave up His work of trying to convert the mews or white race to the religion of Islam.

101 And, the same knowledge of them was given to Muhammad by the Imams (or scientists) of Mecca. That is why the war of the Muslims against them came to a stop.

102 Muhammad was told that he could not reform the devils and that the race had 1,400 more years to live; the only way to make righteous people (Muslims) out of them was to graft them back into the black nation.

103 This grieved Muhammad so much that it caused him heart trouble until his death (age sixty-two and one half years). The old scientists used to laugh at Muhammad for thinking that he could convert them (the devils) to Islam. This hurt his heart.

104 Mr. Yakub taught his made devils on Pelan: That -- when you go back to the holy black nation, rent a room in their homes. Teach your wives to go out the next morning around the neighbors of the people, and tell that you heard her talking about them last night.

105 When you have gotten them fighting and killing each other, then ask them to let you help settle their disputes, and restore peace among them. If they agree, then you will be able to rule them both. This method the white race practices on the black nation, the world over. They upset their peace by putting one against the other, and then rule them after dividing them.

106 This is the reason why the American so-called Negroes can never agree on unity among themselves, which would put them on top overnight. The devils keep them divided by paid informers from among themselves. They keep such fools among us. But, the real truth of the devils sometimes converts the informers and brings them over to us as true believers. We don't bother about killing them, as I am not teaching that which I want to be kept as a secret, but that which the world has not known and should know.

107 After Yakub's devils were among the Holy people of Islam (the black nation) for six months, they had our people at war with each other. The holy people were unable to understand, just why they could not get along in peace with each other, until they took the matter to the King.

108 The King told the holy people of the black nation that the trouble they were having was caused by the white devils in their midst, and that there would be no peace among them until they drove these white made devils from among them.

109 The holy people prepared to drive the devils out from among them. The King said: Gather every one of the devils up and strip them of our costume. Put an apron on them to hide their nakedness. Take all literature from them and take them by way of the desert. Send a caravan, armed with rifles, to keep the devils going westward. Don't allow one of them to turn back; and, if they are lucky enough to get across the Arabian Desert, let them go into the hills of West Asia, the place they now call Europe.

110 Yakub's made devils were driven out of Paradise, into the hills of West Asia (Europe), and stripped of everything but the language. They walked across that hot, sandy desert, into the land where long years of both trouble and joy awaited them; but -- they finally made it. (Not all: many died in the desert.)

111 Once there, they were roped in, to keep them out of Paradise. To make sure, the Muslims, who lived along the borders of East and West Asia, were ordered to patrol the border to keep Yakub's devils in West Asia (now called Europe), so that the original nation of black man could live in peace; and the devils could be alone to themselves, to do as they pleased, as long as they didn't try crossing the East border.

112 The soldiers patrolled the border armed with swords, to prevent the devils from crossing. This went on for 2,000 years. After that time, Musa (Moses) was born: the man whom Allah would send to these exiled devils to bring them again into the light of civilization. Before we take up this first 2,000 years of the devils exiled on our planet, let us not lose sight of what and how they were made, and of the god who made them, Mr. Yakub.

113 Since we have learned that Mr. Yakub was an original man (black) the ignorant of our people may say: If Yakub was a black man and the father of the devils, then he was a devil. That is like one saying The horse is as much a mule as the mule.

114 Or, that an orange or lemon is as much grapefruit as the grapefruit: because the grapefruit is grafted from the orange and lemon. They are not alike because the grafted is no longer original.

115 Just what have we learned, or rather are learning from this divine revelation of our enemies, the devils? Answer: We are learning the truth, which has been kept a secret for 6,000 years concerning the white race, who have deceived us. We learn what is meant by the Bible's symbolic teachings: that they were made from dust.

116 This only tends to convey the idea that they were created from nothing; which means the low and humble origin of such creation.

117 Again, we learn who the Bible (Genesis 1:16) is referring to in the saying: Let us make man. This US was fifty-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine (59,999) black men and women; making or grafting them into the likeness or image of the original man.

118 Now that they are the same, but have the ways of a human being they are referred to as mankind -- not the real original man, but a being made like the original in the sense of human beings.

119 The Holy Qur-an throws a great light on the truth of the creation of this pale, white race of devils. O mankind, surely we have created you from a male and a female (Chap. 49:15). This makes it very easy to understand to whom it is referring. What mankind? Surely we created man from sperm mixed (with ovum) to try him, so we have made him hearing and seeing (Chap. 76:2).

120 Inasmuch as these chapters have a further reference to the spiritual creation of the Last Messenger, it is equally true that they refer to the physical creation of the white race. In another place, the Holy Qur-an says: We have created man, and now he is an open disputer.

121 Yakub's race of devils were exiled in the hills and caves of West Asia (now called Europe). They were without anything to start civilization and became savages. They remained in such condition for 2,000 years--no guide or literature.

122 They lost all knowledge of civilization. The Lord, God of Islam, taught me that some of them tried to graft themselves back into the black nation, but they had nothing to go by. A few were lucky enough to make a start, and got as far as what you call the gorilla. In fact, all of the monkey family are from this 2,000 year history of the white race in Europe.

123 Being deprived of divine guidance for their disobedience, the making of mischief and causing bloodshed in the holy nation of the original black people by lies, they became so savage that they lost all their sense of shame.

124 They started going nude as they are doing today (and leading the so-called Negroes into the very acts).

125 They became shameless. In the winter they wore animal skins for clothes and grew hair all over their bodies and faces like all the other wild animals.

126 In those days, they made their homes in the caves on hillsides. There is a whole chapter devoted to them in the Holy Qur-an. They had it very hard, trying to save themselves from being destroyed by wild beasts which were plentiful at that time in Europe.

127 Being without a guide, they started walking on their hands and feet like all animals; and, learned to climb trees as well as any of the animals. At night, they would climb up into trees, carrying large stones and clubs, to fight the wild beasts that would come prowling around at night, to keep them from eating their families.

128 Their next and best weapons were the dogs. They tamed some of these dogs to live in the caves with their families, to help protect them from the wild beasts. After a time, the dog held a high place among the family because of his fearlessness to attack the enemies of his master. Today, the dog is still loved by the white race and is given more justice than the so-called Negroes, and, is called the white man's best friend. This comes from the cave days.

129 After 2,000 years of living as a savage, Allah raised up Musa (Moses) to bring the white race again into civilization: to take their place as rulers, as Yakub has intended for them. Musa (Moses) became their God and leader. He brought them out of the caves; taught them to believe in Allah; taught them to wear clothes; how to cook their food; how to season it with salt; what beef they should kill and eat; and, how to use fire for their service. Moses taught them against putting the female cow under burden.

130 He established for them Friday as the day to eat fish, and not to eat meat (beef) on that day. And, fish is the main menu on Fridays in many of the whites' homes today.

131 They were so evil (savage) that Moses had to build a ring of fire around him at night; and, he would sleep in the center of the ring to keep the devils from harming him. They were afraid of fire, and are still afraid of fire.

132 Allah said that: One day, Moses told them he was going to have fish come up from the sea that so that tomorrow we will have some fish.

133 On the next day, the fish were there. Moses had a boat load sent up from Egypt. Moses said: See! The sea came up last night and brought us some fish. One of the savages was a little smart and he said to Moses: Where is the water?

134 From then on, Moses recognized the fact that he could not say just anything to them. He had a hard time trying to civilize them. Once they gave Moses so much trouble that he took a few sticks of dynamite, went up on the mountainside, placed them into the group, and went back to get those who were giving him the most trouble.

135 He said to them: Stand there on the edge of this mountain and you will hear the voice of God. They stood there about 300 in number. Moses set the fuse off and it killed all of them.

136 The Imams got after Moses for performing this trick on the devils. Moses said to the Imams: If you only knew how much trouble these devils give me, you would do as I do. Moses taught the devils that if they would follow him and obey him, Allah would give them a place among the holy people. Most of them believed Moses, just to get out of the caves.

137 The Imams recognized the tremendous job Musa (Moses) had, trying to civilize the savages. These enemies of the righteous black nation of earth now had to take the place as the rulers and conquerors of the earth. The devils were given the knowledge and power to bring every living thing, regardless of its kind of life, into subjection.

138 And God said: Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea; and over the fowl of the air; and over the cattle, and over all the earth; and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth:@ and God said unto them: Be fruitful and multiply; and replenish the earth, and subdue it (Gen. 1:26,28).

139 The above was all necessary if the devils were to rule as a God of the world. They must conquer, and bring into subjection, all life upon the earth -- not land life alone, but they must subdue the sea and the like therein -- master everything, until a greater master of God comes, which would mean the end of their power over the life of our earth.

140 We all bear witness that the scripture quoted above refers to the Caucasian race. They are the only people who answer that description and word for the past 4,000 years.

141 They have subdued the people and most every kind of living thing upon the earth. God has blessed them to exercise all their knowledge, and blessed them with guides (prophets) from among our own people; and, with the rain and seasons of the earth.

142 Today, their wealth is great upon the earth. Their sciences of worldly good have sent them, not only after the wealth of other than their own people, but even after the lives and property of their own kind. They have tired to re-people (replenish) the earth with their own kind, by skillfully killing off the black man and mixing their blood into the black woman.

143 But, the job is too big for them to ever conquer. The black nation, including its other three colors, brown, red and yellow, outnumber the Caucasian race, eleven to one.

144 God created them in His image (Gen. 1:27). They are in the image and likeness of a human being (black man), but are altogether different kind of human being than that of the black human beings.

145 Their pale white skin; their blue eyes (even disliked by themselves) tells any black man or woman, that in those blue and green eyes, there just can't be any sincere love and friendship for them. They are unlike and we are like. Like repels -- unlike attracts. The very characteristics of black and white are so very different.

146 Black people have a heart of gold, love and mercy. Such a heart, nature did not give to the white race. This is where the so-called Negroes are deceived in this devil race. They think they have the same kind of heart; but the white race knows better. They have kept it as a secret among themselves, that they may be able to deceive the black people.

147 They have been, and still are, successful in deceiving the black man, under the disguise of being the ones who want peace, love and friendship with the world, and with God -- at the same time making war with the world, to destroy peace, love and friendship of the black nation.

148 A brother loves and desires for his brother what he desires for himself. So-called Negroes, do you have this kind of love and desire from the white race for you? Why? Because as I have shown to you, they are not your brothers, by nature. They are fully showing you, this day, openly, that they are different from you; and, you are different from them.

149 Why not try making brotherly love and friendship with your own kind first? To see you trying to integrate with the very enemy of yours, and God, shows beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you don't know yourself nor your enemies; or rather are lost in love for our enemies, I know you, who love your enemy, don't like that I tell you this truth. But, I can't help it--come what may. God has put upon me this mission, and I must do His will or burn.

150 Are you with me to do the will of God, or will of the devil and the disbelieving people? I know you are, for you have learned and are learning more truth than you have ever read or ever will read. Fear not! Allah is on our side, to give you and me the Kingdom.