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NOTE: The morning prayer is of two parts, the first part called FARD in Arabic and the other part called TRADITION, and it is made obligatory. The morning prayer being obligatory is called FARD, meaning the early morning.

1 The Great Mahdi has taken FARD as a name for himself corresponding with the time of His coming -- which is in the early days (or years) of the seventh thousand years. The early morning is the first part of the seventh thousand years and the year under the name Millennium (which the Christians say means the 1,000 years Christ will reign on the earth).

2 This is the 1,000 years which it will take to restore peace and honor, after the removal of peace breakers. This time also includes the birth of a new nation from the mentally dead. However, the name FARD fits the context.

3 We are reminded that this prayer is made obligatory; it is also binding upon the Believers (Muslims) in Allah (God) to obey Him. For in that 1,000 years of Millennium, the disbelievers will cease to be. And to those who live in that time it shall be binding upon them to serve and obey One God: Fard Muhammad the Great Mahdi, or Allah in Person. The Mahdi must restore the Kingdom of Islam and He must weed out from the kingdom of Islam all disbelievers. This He will do in His time.

4 FARD is a name many of the scholars have said is not one of the 99 attributes, but still it is a name that is self-independent, and one which means that the Believers are obligated to obey. We can see clearly why he took this Name (FARD) for Himself.

5 We are now living in the early morning of that seventh thousand years. The world of evil was given 6,000 years to reign over the righteous. Now, since their time expired in 1914, as all religious scientists agree, we are in the seven-thousandth year since the creation of Adam, or the Caucasian race. It shall be binding upon you to serve and obey the Great Mahdi (FARD MUHAMMAD) or else be cut off from the people of righteousness.

6 All praise is due to our Lord and Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad. To Him do we submit; to Him we fly for refuge from the evils of Yakub=s civilization.

7 And remember, the time that we are living in is the end of the world we have known and the coming in of the world of Allah -- the world of peace and security. Having this in mind, we must be mindful of the things that are written. The following verse warns the powers of this world that their lacks existed before and Allah destroyed them:

8 "Travel in the land, then see what was the end of those before! Most of them were polytheists" (Holy Qur-an 30:42).

9 We read of the history of the flood that drowned a disobedient people who refused to take warnings from Allah=s prophet, Noah. The following verse warns you and me, the so-called American Negroes, that after nearly one hundred years we have not been able to see that Christianity is not an upright religion; and it further warns us that on that day we will be separated. These days now approach you and me, SO MAKE A DECISION:

"Then set thyself, being upright, to the right religion before there come from Allah the day which cannot be averted: on that day they will be separated!" (Holy Qur-an 30:43).

10 "Observe prayers in the early morning at the close of the day, and at the approach of the night. Prayers are good deeds which drive away the evil doing" (Holy Qur-an 11:116).

11 "Glorify Allah (by rendering prayers to Him) when it is evening and in the morning -- praise to Him in the heavens and the earth -- and in the afternoon and at noontide" (Ibid., 30:17).

12 "Put up then with what they say; and celebrate the praise of your Lord before sunrise, and before sun setting, and during the night do thou praise Him, and in the extreme of the day, so that thou mayest be well pleased" (Ibid. 20:130).

13 "Observe prayers at sunset until the first darkening of the night and observe reading (the Qur-an) at daybreak. Lo! the recital of the Qur-an (that is rendering prayer) is ever witnessed. And some part of the night awake for it, a largess for thee. It may be that your Lord will raise thee to a praised state" (Ibid., 17:78-79).

14 "Take aid by observing patience and prayer" (Ibid., 2:45).

15 "When you have fulfilled your prayer, remember Allah, standing and sitting and lying on your sides. And when you are in safety then be steadfast in prayer. Verily prayer is a timed ordinance on the believers" (Ibid., 4:103).

16 "That which leads man to infidelity is neglect of prayers."

17 "No one of you must say his prayers in a garment without covering the whole body."

18 "Allah accepts not the prayers of a woman arrived at puberty unless she covers her head as well as the whole body."

19 "The five stated prayers erase the sins which have been committed during the intervals between them, if they have not been mortal sins."

20 "The prayers of a person will not be accepted, who has broken his ablution until he completes another ablution."

21 "Order your children to say the state prayers when they are seven years of age, and beat them if they do not do so when they are ten years old."

22 "Tell me if any one of you had a rivulet before his doors and bathed five times a day therein whether any dirt would remain on his body? The companions said, 'Nothing would remain." The Prophet said, 'In this manner will, the five daily prayers as ordered by Allah erase all minor sins."

23 The lost-found joins the righteous in prayer for the first time upon their finding by Allah.

24 We see him turning himself to Allah to recite the prayer of the righteous. The presence of Allah is like the sun in all its brilliance on him in the early morning after a long dreary night and his first thought was to rise up and prepare for the day.

25 We see him washing his hands and all the exposed parts of his body. We see him washing his face, his eyes, ears, mouth and nose and even those wet hands go over his head to clean the very scalp because he is now turning for the first time, to His God, Allah. And looking upon the presence of God and the light which He has shone upon him makes him to feel he was unclean and that he needed to clean up. Even the outer appearance is to be cleaned in the presence of God to hear His words of guidance.

26 He stretches forth his hand while standing as erect as a soldier before his captain, at attention. He has said that he has surely turned himself to Allah. He has taken an oath that he will not worship any God but Allah and that his prayer, his sacrifice, his life and death are all for Allah. He has declared that Allah has no associate and he is commanded not to set up any rivals with Allah.

27 He is now ready to enter the prayer service of the Nation of Islam and to recite the oft-repeated prayer. He closes his eyes against looking upon the world of evils and filth. He has washed his ears from the hearing of evil. He takes no more part in listening to the conversation of the evildoers.

28 He has washed his nostrils from even the smell of things offensive to the intelligent and decent society of righteousness. He has washed out his mouth; cleansed it as far down his throat as water could go without strangling him.

29 He washes his mouth from speaking of evil and planning evil and indecent things. He takes no more part in using his mouth and his tongue for the service of evil. Now, the mouth and the language his tongue utters are saying that which he believes will please Allah and the Nation of righteousness. He has washed his hands and all exposed parts of his body. His hands are washed from taking part in evil and indecent doings. His feet are washed from the evil service of walking, standing and sitting in the presence and path of the wicked.

30 He cleans them to walk towards Allah and stand in His Holy presence. His body garments are no more filthy, but now made sacred to the service of Allah.

31 We have heard him declare that Allah is the Greatest and that there is no God but Allah. He declares none deserves to be worshiped beside Allah and that Muhammad is His last Apostle. He has declared himself to be turning to the service of Allah and not pursuing the evils of the darkened West.

32 He now looks eastward to behold the light of God and his people from whence he has strayed for the last 400 years. He now wishes to be guided on the right path of Allah. Thus, he now recites the following prayer that is designed especially for him who was lost in the darkness of evils in the Western World of the Shaitans (devils of European origin).

33 He now prays in the Name of Allah and not to a mystery God that he nor anyone else has seen, nor does such exist. Neither does he pray in the name of dead prophets. He now stands in the light and reality of Almighty God, Allah, who appeared in the Person of Master W.F. Muhammad. He recites the following:

"In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful. All praise is due to Allah the Lord of the Worlds, the Most Merciful Master of the Day of Requital. Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help. O Allah, guide us on the right path; the path of those upon whom Thou has bestowed favors and not of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray. Amen."

34 As you notice in the above prayer, it is designed for one who has lost himself from the right path of Allah. He now wishes to be guided on that path the Prophets walked in; upon the path that Allah has bestowed favors for those who walk thereon.

35 He now desires favors, Divine favors, to be bestowed upon him after being deprived of friendship and favors from those who walk in darkness of evil and murder. He desires not to walk in the path of those whom Allah dislikes and is angry with, and whom Allah has sent His curse upon in the past and has recorded it in history for their own warning and as an example of what will befall them and those who wilfully and knowingly go astray from His (Allah's) path. He has declared Allah to be the final judge on the day of resurrection.