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1 I would like to put a little emphasis on some of what the Muslims want.

2 If we ask you (meaning the white American slave-master) for freedom in deed, I think that we are right. We use the word IN DEED, as we have been your subjects for now 400 years. That is a long time to be subject to a people or the slave of a people. Three hundred of those years we worked for you for nothing. And those 300 years we were treated like your own herd of cattle. You have no regret for our human rights, no more than you did your animals.

3 You slashed the backs of my fathers and my mothers without any mercy. You killed them whenever you felt you wanted to, and you sweethearted with my grandparents.

4 Truth hurts. You went into our grandmothers, had children by them and then put them on the block for sale, and today you are still crossing over to our women. This should show you why we want to take leave of you today. In those days you sold her children, who were your own sons and daughters. I am telling you what my own grandparents told me. My father's mother told me her father was a white man, and she looked it. Today our women are all subject to your biddings. You take their sons and bash their brains in with your club and blow their brains out with your gun -- throughout the country without due process of the law that you already put here before them.

5 You have in words trodden us under foot in the name of civilization and now today you stand as our chief adversary to prevent us from escaping your evil and unjust doings to our people whose sweat and blood has helped to build the greatest country and government on the earth.

6 You are so rich today that you are able to feed almost every mouth in Europe. You are so rich that you can now give away billions of dollars to nations in order to get their friendship. You are so powerful that you can command the high seas, the air, the land, even the ice caps of the poles of the earth. All this we helped you do. Some of us went to your wars, shooting down your enemy as you pointed them out to us and we were being shot down also.

7 If we cry out for justice you twist it and make it look as though we are the real enemies of justice. If we say that you are evil, you want to make a case against us for falsely accusing you, when you know that you have never been good to us.

8 Today you are trying to deceive the poor once-servant slaves of yours by telling them that you will now show a little friendship. I will let you ride beside me on my best transportation; I will also allow you to work in my office. I am going to put you in the government. What is that going to do for us and our children in the future? Will this help us to make a great future for our people and own what you still won, which is a place we can call our own? WHY HINDER US?

9 Your dog is more classified as a citizen in the land than we so-called Negroes. If the dog wants freedom, if the dog whines in the night because he is uncomfortable, you will get up and try to comfort it. But if you hear a million Negroes crying and suffering from the brutal instrument at your hand and the hand of your people, you will laugh.

10 I am here with the truth. Take the words, turn them over and examine them, put them on the scale of facts and weight them, and if I am not teaching you the truth I say come up here and prove it and I will lay down my head on the floor and let you chop it off.

11 We want freedom IN DEED. Why should we not want to leave a people who have lynched and burned us. Why continue to send our own brother out there falling under the blows of so-call peace officers and falling from a bullet from his gun. I have seen police vex our people to try and make them say something so they can beat or kill them.

12 You say you want to help us. Help us to do what? If you do not want to help us leave you with a good send off, then what are going to help us do if we stay here?

13 I have lived with you all my life. I was born in the South. I have looked upon the evil treatment of our people day and night. I have shed tears for you many times. No justice whatsoever. I have seen people kicked about who asked for a fair salary. I have heard it said to a brother, You take what I say, you don't figure behind me, Nigger.

14 We are 20 million people who have come (according to the old prophets) through toil and tribulations. We are here today asking for equal justice under YOUR OWN LAW. We are asking for freedom that you claim you have given to us. Freedom to do for ourselves. We do not want to be beggars. But if we are given freedom IN DEED we can build for ourselves the same things that you have.

15 Our people who are educated in your colleges and universities, our technicians and engineers of all kinds, why should they go and make a way for their own people as a nation, build and construct a government for their people as your fathers did for you when they crossed the Atlantic? They may be a little lazy and want to start at the top first, but you were not able to start (at the top). You have put it in their minds that they cannot go for themselves.

16 How educated were your fathers when they crossed the Atlantic and started working for their freedom? They were not wise politicians and senators as you are today, but, nevertheless, they kept digging and turning the soil, felling trees, pacing the country for a place for themselves. Today they have made a nation. They were not satisfied with try to do this alone, they had to go across the Atlantic and get our fathers to help them. If you wanted to be your lily-white self, why did you go and get black people to come here. Why would you mix your blood with the black people and yet deprive them of equal justice?

17 We built your railroads with our own sweat. We plowed your farms and plantations. We cut down the underbrush and trees, and now today you have replaced that kind of labor with mechanical labor and you do not have anything for us to do. With just two or three men you can cultivate hundreds of acres of land with machine operations. You pick your cotton with a mechanical machine. Everything is done mechanically today. Why don't you want us to leave you? Especially when you do not wasn't us to do anything but labor. Why shouldn't we want some of this earth where we can start building a government for the future of our people so that they will not be just a people who labor, year after year, for another people and all their labor still be subject to the brutal treatment?

18 You should be ashamed of yourself today to lynch and kill so-called Negroes while you have an army full of Negroes helping you to fight and protect and maintain the government. You should be ashamed of it. Especially when that same man=s father slaved for your fathers for nothing, and now you will go and take him before your own judges and give him an unjust judgment.

19 This is a sham. Do you think you are going to get away with it forever?

20 We say Allah is God. We say in Arabic language, Allah U Akbar. We say in the Arabic language, La e La ha el Allah, Muhammad Rasoul Allah. We that say that in your midst today should make you tremble and go off and commit suicide.

21 Those babies crying in the Name of Allah (they were never taught by you to worship), you know that your time must be short. Today, I say you see all of these things hear all of them as the Bible teaches even of being plagued with divine plagues, and you still will not worship the God of truth and justice. The white race has never believed in God -- not the God of freedom, justice and equality.

22 The man of sin does not want to hear the poor so-called Negroes who are under your feet -- he does not want them to seek help from God because he is guilty and he knows he has mistreated us. We called on the God that you said was the right one for a long time. For a hundred years we have been calling on your God and the Son, both.

23 I am sure today that god and his Son that you are presenting to us have been for white people, surely they were not friends of ours. He never heard us. He must have been off somewhere in conversation over your future and did not have time hear our prayers. But Allah hears, Allah acts. Never any more will you fool us to bow and pray to a dead Jesus any more than Moses or any other dead prophet and hope that my people believe that there is a Jesus killed and buried but still sitting receiving their prayers. I hope that they wake up and know that they haven't been heard since the day he was killed. Those who represent that Jesus to you do not wait for Jesus to answer their prayers, they answer their own prayers. Get out of that kind of stuff.

24 There is no such thing as dying and coming up out of the earth, meeting your friends and meeting those who died before you. I say, get out of such slavery teachings. It keeps you blind, deaf and dumb to reality. Get out of it, for if you depend on such, you will not believe in yourself. When you are dead, you are DEAD. I have proof of that. Do you have proof of that which you say -- they will come back? No! I say to you my friend, the mentally dead are awakening. Your slave-masters have deceived you. They want you to remain deceived.

25 They hate any one of you that will try to teach facts. They hate any one of you that want to become equal. They hate any one of you that want justice. They do not want that, yet, they will tell you that they want to help you and they want to give you justice. You do not get it.

26 We want freedom, indeed, and we want to be human beings along with other humans. We want the world to know that we love to be respected as other people are now being respected.

27 I say to you my beloved, freedom indeed is what we want. Freedom to do for ourselves as we think best. That is what they (white race) are fighting for themselves. To be free to do as they want to, and they are fighting to the death for it. You and I should fight to the death to be free to do what we want. You know and I know how much these people hate me because I am teaching the truth, and they know I am doing a better job with you than any one of those who ever appeared among you.

28 If the white circle leaders want to keep their circle white, I say keep it white. If the Klu Klux Klan want to keep their race white, I say, help yourself, go to it. Now when I say to keep mine black -- white Circle League German Nazi -- keep your mouth out of it.

29 We want to build a nation that will be recognized as a nation that will be self-respecting and receive respect of the other nations of the earth.

30 I say we have a God that will make a place here for us.

31 What the Muslims want for the whole black nation of our people is freedom, justice and equality -- that is what we want for you. We cannot exercise or enjoy freedom, justice and equality unless we have a home on this earth that we call our own.