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1 We must remember that we just cannot depend on the white race ever to do that which we can and should do for self. The American so-called Negroes are like the Bible story of Lazarus and the rich man, the story that Jesus must have foreseen at the time. This Bible beggar was charmed by the wealth of the rich man to whom he was a servant, and he could not make up his mind to go seek something for self.

2 This beggar was offered a home in Paradise but could not make up his mind to leave the gate of his master, the rich man, wishing for that which God had in store for destruction along with its owner. The beggar=s eyes could not turn from that perishable wealth. So it is with the American Negroes; they are charmed by the luxury of their slave-master, and cannot make up their minds to seek for self something of this good earth, though hated and despised by the rich man and full of sores caused by the evil treatment of the rich man. On top of that he is chased by the rich man=s dogs and still remains a beggar at the gate, though the gates of Paradise were ever open to him and the gates of hell were open to receive his rich master.

3 The American Negroes have the same gates of Paradise open to them but are charmed by the wealth of America and cannot see the great opportunity that lies before them. They are suffering untold injustices at the hands of the rich; they have been and still are being lynched and burned; they and their women and children are beaten all over the country, by the rich slave-masters and their children. The slaves= houses and churches are bombed by the slave-masters; their girls are used as prostitutes and at times are raped in public. Yet the Negroes are on their knees begging the rich man to treat them as the rich man treats himself and his kind. The poor beggar kindly asks for the crumbs, a job and a house in the neighborhood of the rich man.

4 The Negro leaders are frightened to death and are afraid to ask for anything other than a job. The good things of this earth could be theirs if they would only unite and acquire wealth as the masters and the other independent nations have. The Negroes could have all of this if they could get up and go to work for self. They are far too lazy as a Nation -- 100 years up from slavery and still looking to the master to care for them and give them a job, bread and a house to live in on the master=s land. You should be ashamed of yourselves, surely the white race has been very good in the way of making jobs for their willing slaves, but this cannot go on forever; we are about at the end of it and must do something for SELF or else.

5 The slave-master has given you enough education to go and do for self, but this education is not being used for self; it is even offered back to the slave-masters to help them to keep you a dependent people looking to them for support. Let us unite every good that is in us for the uplifting of the American so-called Negroes to the equal of the world=s independent nations. Ask for a start for self and the American white people, I believer, are willing to help give us a start if they see you and I are willing to do for self. It would remove from them not only the worry of trying to give jobs and schools to a lazy people but also would get them honor and sincere friendship all over the Asiatic world and God, Himself, would prolong their time on the earth.

6 We must stop relying upon the white man to care for us. We must become an independent people. So-called Negroes should:

7 1. Separate yourselves from the [email protected]

8 2. Pool your resources, education and qualifications for independence.

9 3. Stop forcing yourselves into places where you are not wanted.

10 4. Make your own neighborhood a decent place to live.

11 5. Rid yourselves of the lust of wine and drink and learn to love self and your kind before loving others.

12 6. Unite to create a future for yourself.

13 7. Build your own homes, schools, hospitals, and factories.

14 8. Do not seek to mix your blood through racial integration.

15 9. Stop buying expensive cars, fine clothes and shoes before being able to live in a fine home.

16 10. Spend your money among yourselves.

17 11. Build an economic system among yourselves.

18 12. Protect your women.

19 Stop allowing the white men to shake hands or speak to your women anytime or anywhere. This practice has ruined us. They wink their eye at your daughter after coming into your home -- but you cannot go on the North side and do the same with his women.

20 No black man feels good -- by nature -- seeing a white man with a Negro woman. We have all colors in our race -- red, yellow, brown, and jet black -- why should we need a white person?

21 Africans would not dare allow their women to be the targets that we allow ours to be.

22 If I were not protected by Allah (God), how would I be able to stand before this white man unafraid and speak as I do.

23 You educators, you Christian ministers should stop preaching integration. The most foolish thing an educator can do is to preach interracial marriage. It shows the white man you want to be white.

24 Educators should teach our people of the great history that was theirs before they were brought to America in shackles by slave-masters.

25 Our children should be trained in our own schools, not dropped into the schools of the enemy where they are taught that whites have been and forever will be world rulers.

26 I am the first man since the death of Yakub commissioned by God directly. I say no more than what Jesus said. The said that he came from God. I say that I am missioned by God.