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1 My followers and I are being accused of being un-American. We actually do not know what is American and what is un-American, as the United States of America has not instructed us as to what constitutes an American or an un-American.

2 Recently, the California State Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities, in their Eleventh Report to the 1961 Regular California Legislature, in Sacramento, California, on pages 131-138 under the heading THE NEGRO MUSLIMS, are charging us with being un-American, that we now operate a school for the indoctrination of young Negroes with race hatred. (This is untrue, for we only teach them who YOU really are. They can hate or love you, it is up to them.)

3 You have always had private schools. First, your students not only learn to hate Negroes but are the number one murderers of Negroes. Second, we do not teach them to disregard their family names -- they do NOT KNOW them.

4 We teach them to discard YOUR family NAMES and get their real Nation's names, for your names are not our legal names!

5 On page 136, we are classified along with the Communist Party. For 34 years we have not been anything other than a peaceful people who have never carried weapons, nor have we made any aggressive moves or attacks on anyone.

6 The Negro Muslims! Of course, Muslims or Moslems means the same, as Mohammed and Muhammad, only one is common in English (Moslem and Mohammed). In Arabic, Muslim and Muhammad are scholarly. The so-called Fact-Finding Committee, we are not surprised to hear, read false statements against us, the Muslims, by the American white people. This is only their nature. They were not created to tell, teach, preach or represent the truth when it comes to the Negroes, God and the Righteous.

7 Usually, I do not waste my time on the untrue things that I hear or read about me and my followers, stated by our open enemies (the white people), and those of my people whom they have poisoned against self and their kind (the black race).

8 It is written in the scriptures of truth that the devils would put out such evil and false accusations against the Messenger of Allah and his followers in these last days of their evil, bloody world. I think Allah (God) will not allow falsehood to triumph over truth in His days.

9 This so-called Fact-Finding committee on page 131 says that my father took me to Detroit, where I attended the public schools until reaching the third grade, at which point I left home at the age of 16 and wandered from city to city serving various jail terms for vagrancy and other minor offenses, except for a term of 4-years in the Federal Penitentiary.

10 The truth is, I was born in Georgia, went to the public school in Georgia and was never out of the State of Georgia, until I was 25 years of age. I married and had two children and moved to Detroit in April, 1923, from Macon, Georgia, where I worked for the Southern Railroad Company and the Cherokee Brick Company, the latter as a tramroad foreman and builder.

11 I never was arrested and served no jail terms on any charge or charges until 1934.

12 Then I committed myself to the jail in Detroit after learning that the Michigan State Board of Education had arrested the Muslim Teachers of the School of Islam and the secretary of the Temple on false charges of contributing to the delinquency of minors.

13 This false charge was dropped, and the teachers were freed. I was at that time given 6 months probation to put our Muslim children back in the public schools under Christian teachers.

14 This I did not do, and I moved in September of that same year to Chicago.

15 The next time I was arrested was May 8, 1942, in Washington, D.C., by the F.B.I. for not registering for the draft. When the call was made for all males between 18 and 44, I refused (NOT EVADING) on the grounds that, first, I was a Muslim and would not take part in war and especially not on the side with the infidels. Second, I was 45 years of age and was NOT according to the law required to register.

16 The above can be verified with the court records in Detroit and Washington D.C.

17 The name Poole was never my name, nor was it my father's name. It was the name the white slave-master of my grandfather after the so-called freedom of my fathers. They, being robbed of the knowledge of self and kind, for the past 300 years did not know what deadly harm the slave-master's name would do to them in the way of TRUE freedom and recognition among the free and independent nations of our own and the spiritual nonacceptance by Allah (God) on the Day of Resurrection from the devil's names.

18 They allowed themselves to continue to be called by the devil slave-master's name.

19 But on the coming and appearance of Allah in 1930 -- who taught me a thorough knowledge of the devils, the time, the resurrection and end and the judgment of the devils and their followers and the danger of being called by devil names and believing what they teach as religion -- He (Allah) gave me His Name.

20 Later my father and all our family accepted His Name (Muhammad).

21 Other believers in Detroit and Chicago accepted many other of His Names, (called attributes) and His true religion and only religion of God, Islam.

22 The religion Islam is universally recognized as the true religion of God, even by many of the disbelievers and infidels and Hindus.

23 Over 3 million white Americans recognize it (in secret).

24 We want to know just what is characterized as un-American? What is characterized as TRUE American?

25 Is being Muslims and righteously trying to obey and observe all the Divine Laws of God (that even you the Christian preach, but do not obey) and trying to obey your civil laws what you call un-American?

26 You and the world know that we seek to do no evil to anyone. We carry no weapons of evil, we are trying to be respected and we respect you as the rulers of the land.

27 You printed my Twelve-Point program for my people on pages 132 and 133. Is there anything wrong with any of the words mentioned in it for my people? They are:

28 1. Separate ourselves from the slave-master. You had us segregated for 400 years and now say that we are free, is it being un-American to leave you or separate from you, a people who have enslaved and destroyed us as human beings? Have not you separated yourselves from us?

29 2. Is pooling our resources, education and qualifications for self-independence, as you and other nations have done and since you say we are free, what you call un- American?

30 3. Should we not stop forcing ourselves, our presence, on you in places of yours where you forbid us and tell us we are not wanted? Is this what you call un- American -- keeping away from that of yours that you forbade us?

31 4. Making our own neighborhoods a decent place to live and seeking a place in your neighborhood just because yours looks better and cleaner; making wherever we live a nice and clean place to live and making a decent life among ourselves if you and yours can do it, so can we! Is this what you call un-American?

32 5. If we want to rid ourselves of the lust of wine and other intoxicating drinks and learn to love ourselves first BEFORE loving you or others, is this what you call un-American?

33 6. Uniting and creating for ourselves. Have you given us anything in the way of your past and present treatment of us that we can believe that it will not be hell on hell?

34 7. Is it un-American for us to build our own homes, and schools, hospitals and factories while we are suffering and being turned away from many of yours?

35 8. Is it un-American for us to want to keep our blood pure from being mixed with yours, our enemies?

36 9. Is it un-American for us to stop wasting our money in trying to buy your finest cars, clothes, shoes before being able to live in a nice home?

37 10. Is it un-American for us to spend our money among ourselves (what little we have to spend)?

38 11. Is it un-American for us to build up an economic system among ourselves?

39 12. Is it un-American for us to protect our women, as you and other nations protect women? Is it un-American for us to try to set up a clean respectful security among ourselves as other nations? And should we not, as well as you, set officers over our society who will see to it that the rules and laws are obeyed?

40 You know it is absolutely false to accuse us of violence or preparing for violence. Allah (God) forbids us to do such a thing. He is the One who will do our fighting for us against you, as Jehovah did for Moses and Israel; only Allah is a little more angry with you for the evils done to us than Jehovah was with Pharaoh, as Jehovah only wanted to set a sign for you of what you may expect today, and Israel was not the real people of Allah.

41 Your evil and false accusations of me and my followers are only to frighten already frightened so-called Negroes from coming to Allah, that they may inherit the earth. You frighten especially the proud so-called Negroes whom you have made like yourself, thinking that they might be of some help to us. But Allah is sufficient as a Helper.

42 You will not be able to help yourself pretty soon, let alone make poison-proud Negroes to help you against us.

43 We want to be ourselves, and we are going to have some of this earth that we can call our own, with the help of Allah, as He has promised us through the mouth of His prophets from Moses to Muhammad.

44 It is up to you to mistreat us, or treat us well. Do as you like; we will not follow you any more.

45 The United State of America calls all so-called Negroes who want to live as decent civilized men or women un-American. We want to live in peace. We are they who want to be treated like human beings. We are they who want freedom, justice and equality. We are they who want a moral reformation of our people as well as a spiritual reformation. We are they who love unity among the so-called Negroes. We are they who want to do for ourselves. We are they who want a home on this earth that we can call our own. We are they who want deliverance from the midst of our 400-year enemies who keep us subjected to the status of servants and subjected to every brutality and murder known to civilized men. We are they who seek to rid ourselves of such an inhuman race of devils and live to ourselves in peace from the fear of such human beasts attacking and killing us night and day -- and they call us un-American!

46 The entire Federal Government is against Freedom, Justice and Equality and total separation of the so-called Negroes in a state or states to ourselves. We want not only physical and moral freedom but even spiritual freedom -- if it is the true religion of God called ISLAM. The Federal Government's agents follow us everywhere we go.

47 They question the new converts, seeking to pull them away by fear. They threaten them with the loss of jobs and persecution if there be the slightest grounds for it.

48 They call the truth and salvation of Allah, that He has brought to us, false and Trouble making.@ They call in both men and women who believe for questioning just for the sole purpose of trying to frighten them away.

49 They are trying to frighten them from that which they know is their so-called Negroes' salvation and universal recognition, friendship in all walks of life, money and good homes. The United States does not like to see us enjoying these things.

50 They only way is for us to accept Allah and His religion, Islam, and unite and leave such devil race of people. REMEMBER, Allah is with us to the end. He will give us this whole earth to rule forever. Accept and do my Twelve-Point Program. The white race is destroying itself and wishes to take you and I into its own destruction. BEWARE OF THEIR TRICKS, AS THEY ARE NOW PLAYING THEM ON YOU 100 PER CENT.

51 According to the dictionary's definition of un-American, it means, One that is not American, not characteristic of or proper to America, foreign or opposed to the American character, usage's, standards, etc.

52 As you know, any or all Negroes who seek freedom, justice and equality are charged or accused of being un-American. They are accused with seeking to overthrow the government of America by force. (We, Muslims, prohibit the carrying of arms but yet are accused of planning to overthrow the government by force.) No Negro leader has been successful in helping his people to freedom, Justice and equality who was not opposed by both his own people and the merciless, wicked white Americans. And also by those poison@ intellectual so-called Negroes who love and worship the devils and hate self and kind.

53 Today, the Americans hope to unite all educated so-called Negroes along with their already poisoned Negro Christian preachers against us, the Muslims, who preach freedom, justice and equality for the Black Nation.

54 They are united against my followers and me. Thanks be to Allah you are a little too late to win. Allah (God) knew the tricks you would use to try deceiving the Black Man before you were created.

55 Un-American: I wish to prove, according to the English language, that every so-called Negro, Indian and all nonwhite Europeans are un-American according to the dictionary's definition of an American. An American according to the dictionary is a citizen of the United States or of the earlier British Colonies; one not belonging to one of the aboriginal races. We belong to the aboriginal nation of the earth; the white or European race is not aboriginal.

56 Native or inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere. The above explanation makes it clear that we are not members of the white Europeans or descendants of that race. We are the aboriginal un-Americans. The above explanation also makes it clear that we (so-called Negroes) are not and cannot be American citizens, since we are not American by nature or race.

57 A true American is one other than the aboriginal race or races that inhabited the Western Hemisphere or the Whole Planet Earth before the coming of the white man from Europe.

58 We, the so-called Negroes (members of the aboriginal Black Nation of the Earth and of the tribe of Shabazz), were kidnapped from our native land and people by the white Englishman and Americans.

59 We were brought here not to be made Americans or American citizens but rather to be slaves or servants for the true American citizens, whites who originally came from Europe.

60 We, descendants of the Asiatic nation from the continent of Africa after 100 years of so-called freedom, cannot claim by the law of justice to be Americans or American citizens. Nor can we expect anything like equal justice under the law of true American courts.

61 The government with its great standing armies cannot even force equal justice for the so-called Negroes. Why? Because we are not real American citizens. We are Un-American, and by nature we are different. Know from this day on that if you are a so-called Negro or red, or black or an Indian or any member of the aboriginal Black Nation you are an un-American. Even though you may have been born in the United States of American you CANNOT be an American.

62 USED FOR CRIMINAL PURPOSES: What or why are we called un-American? It is to classify us as criminals or with crimes that we are not guilty of. They make the truth God has given to us an untruth; they use it to conceal our true intentions. But at the same time, they claim freedom of speech, freedom of the press and religious freedom, lawful under the constitution.

63 Again, it is abundantly clear to you that have eyes that America never intended freedom for her so-called Negroes.

64 She stands in the way and opposes true freedom, justice and equality from coming to the poor black man and woman in the Western Hemisphere.

65 She is pleased with the foolish and ignorant worship of the so-called Negroes. She does not ever want the Negroes to accept the true religion, which is Islam. WHY?

66 Here, in Islam, the Negroes have a true God and true friends on their side, and that means help to the poor Negroes against their open enemies the white race.

67 So you can, or you will see why they do not want a so-called Negro Muslim people in America. It means independence, friendship, Divine guidance and help against the devils. As it is written in the Holy Qur-an, Know that Allah is with Muslims.

68 TRICK THE NEGROES TO STAY IN DEVIL'S NAMES: For the first time, the so-called Negroes are awakening to just why white Americans still like to call their much-hated and despised once Negro slaves after their names or make the Negroes think names do not mean anything and that they should remain in them.

69 The devils have knowledge of the time. They know you will not be accepted by God or your own nation if represented under their names -- which are not names of God -- and will not see the hereafter.

70 The intellectual so-called Negroes think it is a disgrace to them to not be called by the slave-master's name. Even a doctor once tried to make me change my name and be called by the slave-master's name and said if I wanted to be called Muhammad I should go to the court have my named changed legally.

71 I laughed and said that I was sorry, but I had my legal name, and there is no law to make me pay to be called by that name.

72 I have been called by an illegal name. Now I have gotten rid of that illegal slave name for a legal and Holy name of God.

73 Again, we must remember that the white race never intended anything like good for you. They are not seeking good for you today; death is really their aim for you. Why do they oppose our struggle for justice and freedom if they want to see all people free and enjoying justice and equality?

74 They are not referring to you; you are not people in their eye. It is their people they are referring to.

75 Why do they oppose segregation of us into a state or territory of our own, since we cannot live in peace with them? When we read of the evils done to us and to our fathers by this race of devils, we cannot foresee anything in them but evil, hatred and murder for us and our unborn children.

76 Read some of their books as to what was done against our slave parents by the fathers of these modern murderers of ours. For instance, the book entitled Brown Americans,@ by Edwin R. Embree, printed in 1946, page 54, tells the story of law against education for the so-called Negroes.

77 He quote a devil, Henry Berry, as saying while speaking in the Virginia House of Delegates in 1832 and describing the situation as existed at that time in many parts of the South:

78 We have as far as possible, closed every avenue by which light may enter the slaves= mind. (The avenue of the light of Allah you are unable to shut out from coming to us.) If we could extinguish the capacity to see the light, our work would be complete; they would then be on a level with the beast of the field and we should be safe. I am certain that we would not do it, if we could find out the process and that on the plea of necessity.@

79 The above words, desires and works against you are still in the hearts of their evil, bloodthirsty children against you.

80 Today they go around in large cities like Chicago at night in cars loaded with baseball bats, guns, iron pipes and knives to pounce upon and kill poor, harmless, so-called Negroes. We are living under the very shadow of death in such a place as America.

81 Unity under the guidance and protection of Allah will bring an end to this horrible situation. What do you see as a future in them for you and your children? Nothing but hell.

82 Remember, if you are black or a member of the Black Nation you are un-American. If you want equal justice and a decent way of life to live, or have love for the black people, you are un-American. The American is the only one that can sing The Land of Freedom -- it is for white America.