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In the Name of Almighty Allah, the Most Merciful Savior, Our Deliver, Master of the Day of Judgment. To Allah alone do I submit and seek refuge.

1 My dear, original Black people of North America and the world, there is much talk -- both good and bad -- going these days about the ending of the world that we now live in (the world of the white man). The people of the white race are losing their divine power to rule the world of the original man. It is very easy for us to see and understand that throughout the world there is unrest among the original black people, who are working at a boiling pitch trying to get to themselves and for themselves as never before, not even since the white race has been placed on the planet, even more so than in the time of Muhammad of 1,400 yeas ago. (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.)

2 From the seventh century to the eleventh century, we had a much smaller world than we have today. Islam did not conquer the whole world -- only Africa, the Near East and part of Europe as far as Vienna. She did not conquer Italy, China, Japan and the Islands. But today, Islam for the first time has nearly completed her march throughout the world.

3 She has not converted Europe or Christian Americans and never will. But, as far as the Original Black People in America, the Pacific Islands, the Southern realm of America, Argentina and South America, you will find a small population of Islam. America is the last place that Islam was to reach.

4 Not by the missionaries of Asia and Africa, but America was left for the divine Supreme Being who is referred to by the Name of Allah.

5 In this country, Allah desired to make Himself known as He did (for example) in Egypt, only this time it is universal, coming first to the lost and found members of the Black Nation of America. That prophecy of the Bible from Moses to Jesus must be fulfilled. There is much taught against the divine work that is going on here in America by Orthodox Muslims and Black Christians of America.

6 Many of the Orthodox Muslims do not want to believe that Allah has appeared in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad or that He has made manifest the truth that has been hidden from their religious scientists -- the truth of God and of the devil as revealed to me. Though they do have the Holy Qur-an, many of them do not understand the meaning of it, and some of them believe everything that is prophesied in the Bible and Holy Qur-an about a last Messenger or Prophet being or referring to Muhammad of 1,400 years ago.

7 They even take all of the people prophesied from Moses to Jesus, who received a prophet coming after Moses and like Moses to the people of Muhammad of 1,400 years ago. This is very wrong. It must be understood that the prophesies are referring to God and a Messenger in the resurrection of the dead in the last years of this world ruled by the Caucasian people.

8 Moses and Jesus were both examples of what was to come at the end of this world, not the end of Moses' and Jesus' world. Moses' and Jesus' lives were examples of what would take place among the so-called Negro in America -- that lost and found people mentioned so much by Jesus in Revelations where it is shown that the Messenger becomes a lamb.

9 In Revelations, the symbolic lamb is in the midst of four symbolic beasts. All of the scholars and scientists of the white race know this is not referring to Muhammad of 1,400 years ago.

10 The anger of the beast refers to a dragon against the Messenger who is referred to as a lamb or as a woman pregnant with child. This is one of the clearest prophecies of the opposition against him in the last days and the type of people to whom the revelator refused to give credit for being not human beings but beasts who desire to destroy the woman and her child.

11 This only means the Messenger and his followers of Islam.

12 All Messengers were attacked by disbelievers and governments of their time, according to the 19 Qur-an. As an example of what the last Messenger and his followers would face, Pharaoh openly confessed that he desired to slay Moses and did not believe that God (Allah) would be able to protect Moses from his evil plans.

13 But the Holy Qur-an says that Allah made him an example, for in the last days both Moses and the symbolic lamb are declared to be victorious.

14 Revelations states that the lamb and his followers, after escaping the evil plans of the beast, sang the song of Moses, which was of the victory over Pharaoh.

15 Let us remember that the scholars and scientists have not understood the true interpretations of the Bible and Holy Qur-an concerning the last Messenger. They should meet and confer on this most important of all scriptures and come to the correct interpretation.

16 Both of you, Christians and Orthodox Muslims, are absolutely wrong to believe all of this prophecy refers to Jesus or Moses and a prophet like himself and to believe that the symbolic lamb in Revelation refers to Jesus or, as the Orthodox Muslims believe, that it refers to Muhammad of 1,400 years ago. How gravely you must interpret your Bible and Holy Qur-an. This important understanding is causing a lot of divisions.

17 Some of the well-read scholars among the Orthodox Muslims are grieved to hear from America that I call myself a Messenger of Allah, though not one of them has been able to do the work that I have done in resurrecting my people in America. They could not do it. It was not for them to do what I am doing (the resurrecting of the dead). Their own Holy Qur-an teaches them that Allah teaches a Messenger from every people that he intends to warn to destroy. It tells them in plain worlds that an Arab and an Arabic Holy Qur-an could not be an instrument sent to the people who must be resurrected because they would have the excuse that they could not read Arabic and therefore exercise their disbelief by saying that this was an Arab and an Arabic Qur-an.

18 The Qur-an teaches that they must have the Qur-an in their own language and they must not have a foreigner but someone from among themselves who could speak their language.

19 He could not be one who could speak Arabic until Allah taught him Arabic. Therefore the Messenger is not an Arab or an Arabic speaker in the resurrection of the dead, not the people who must be resurrected, according to the Qur-an. But later Allah taught him Arabic, and then he said in His Qur-an that now I give to thee a Holy Qur-an in the language of the people (whom he is among who did not speak Arabic), and now I give thee an Arabic Holy Qur-an that I may warn the Mother city.

20 This means that he received two books. One in a foreign language to Arabs and another in the original language. Both called Holy Qur-an. There must be something that is wrong about the Mother city which all the scholars agree is Mecca. Those are the last days, not in the days of Moses -- only his work of correcting the ills of the Arabs in Mecca where he was born.

21 This was an example of what was to come or what will come. He, not Jesus, referred to the old truth which was given to either one, though the Holy Qur-an is without a doubt a true book, but it only takes us up to the resurrection of the dead not beyond. It does not give you a real knowledge of Allah and the Devil because it refers to the coming of Allah as the Bible refers to the coming of Allah.

22 The Holy Qur-an refers to the days of Allah, meaning in the years of the resurrection, and it often repeats that the people will meet with Allah in person, not in visions. He will return to them or give them a knowledge of that which they have done, good or evil.

23 He will not allow the good ones to enter into ever lasting goodness without knowing of their good. It says that on that day Allah will give every man a book so that he can read his own account in the resurrection of the dead, especially the so-called American Negro.

24 They will receive these accounts literally because they are a people who must be separated, and these books will verify their actual worth. Of course, they have a knowledge of the chastisement of the wicked and disbelievers= rejections of the truth, and the righteous will have a knowledge of their right by being separated by Allah from evil doers and hypocrites.

25 The jealousy of the last Messenger is written of and mentioned throughout the Qur-an and the Bible. All prophets had people among them who were hypocrites who were jealous of them and wanted their place.

26 But they were not fit or chosen by Allah for that high place, as they probably could not go through the punishment or persecution of the wicked. There are religious scientists in Islam who know these things to be true that I am saying, and there are those who do not understand their Holy Qur-an and the prophecy of Muhammad being last among the dead, for the Bible teaches that God will use him to make Himself known in the last days. The people will probably fall for everything evil.

27 I will not acknowledge the hypocrite's charges against me by going and contending with them before my enemies. I am not sent to accuse my people. I am sent to clear them of the charges of the accusers -- the devils.

28 This is the divine problem. God, Himself, will liberate the Negro. Africa is trying to liberate herself from the same enemy.

29 These prophecies concerning the Resurrection and Freedom of the so-called American Negro cannot be cast aside as false, especially today, for you can see the fulfillment.

30 The so-called Negro must be delivered by God and God only. He will use a Messenger who is symbolically referred to as the Lamb of God in the Resurrection to spiritually liberate the American Negro.

31 They must be taught a thorough knowledge of their people and the devil. They must be Muslims to be liberated. They must have the Name of God, which means one of the 99 names that comprise the Name of God. The names are now being given.

32 The foolish hypocrites do not know the scriptures of prophecies, but they desire recognition by the people as great leaders without any followers.

33 There are many Africans and Egyptians who are now giving me credit for what I have said. They are actually surprised when they come into the knowledge of Allah=s work in America and me, His chosen messenger, sent to my people here in America.

34 I will accomplish the mission Allah has given to me to raise my people here in America, both spiritually and physically, above the nations of the earth, if it pleases Him.