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1 With the right understanding and with business unity we can turn the great flow of millions of dollars that leave black communities and go into the hands of white businessmen back into the pockets of the poor black men and women who would benefit most by it. HOW CAN WE DO THIS?

2 First we must stop being so foolish as to spend our few hard earned dollars with the rich of this land.

3 Those of us who are wealthy or rich should help set up independent businesses which our people need and which could add wealth to our communities. With such cooperation our own businessmen could actually help lower prices and provide employment for the multitude of unemployed.


5 For example, in Chicago, Illinois, as well as in other communities, throughout the country, the Black Man is robbed through giant cut-rate stores, owned exclusively by white men who make it almost impossible for independent stores owned by black people to survive.

6 We cannot compete in business unless we unite and get some of this earth so that we can produce our own people's needs.

7 It is the right time that we seek SEPARATION AND INDEPENDENCE for our nation from the evils of our open enemies, and not the foolish things other organizations are doing. They want our people integrated into our open enemies to be destroyed as a people.

8 They seek that (recognition) which demands better qualifications: education, the knowledge of self and others, manners and self-respect and the respect of others.

9 But our people just do not have these qualifications until they first come to Islam and bear witness to what Allah (God) has revealed to me. No intelligent and refined society will accept us until we have the above stated qualifications.

10 We, once slaves, have grown to be a nation of twenty million or more in a nation that enslaved our fathers and to this day has deprived us of equal justice under their own laws. No equal civil rights -- most of us are treated by white citizens of America as animals. It is common to see and hear of white mobs attacking, beating, and shooting down poor blacks whose fathers' and mothers' labor, sweat and blood helped make America the richest government on earth; nevertheless, we are yet the most hated and mistreated people.

11 Allah (God) wants to make a great nation out of us (so-called Negroes). But if we desire to remain the slave of servants for our slave-masters, it is all right with Allah. Do we love ourselves and our children? If so, why not build a future for ourselves rather than beg the same slave-masters for jobs and equal shares in whatever they have -- even to equal membership in their society and families (intermarriage).

12 This is definitely not a wise thing to do, but a very foolish and destructive thing for the once slave and his master to do. By the help and guidance of Allah (God), I have put before you the wise and best thing for your future.

13 Firstly, some of this earth that we can call our own. Without some of this earth that we can call our own, we cannot hope to even become a free nation out of the nation of the slave master. IT IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT TO TEACH SEPARATION OF THE BLACKS AND WHITES IN AMERICA THAN PRAYER. Teach and train the blacks to do something for self in the way of uniting and seeking a home on this earth that they can call their own!

14 There is no such thing as living in peace with white Americans. You and I have tried without success. Look what white Americans did to my followers in Los Angeles, California, on April 27, 1962.

15 They know that we, the Muslims, are a peaceful people and do not carry arms, but the heartless enemy devils care not for peace, they were created and made to hate peace.

16 Night and day they are out seeking a chance to beat and kill you, while at the same time you are out seeking to show them HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM. A very foolish people you are. How can anyone, other than you (so-called Negroes) love an open enemy?