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1 You may know of the incident that took place on April 27, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, between the Los Angeles Policemen and my followers; one of my followers Ronald T. X. Stokes was killed out-right while his hands were raised and with nothing on him to do anyone harm.

2 Every one of the Brothers was unarmed when nearly one hundred policemen swooped down upon them, well-armed, out of the darkness of the night to kill the Believers of Allah and His religion (Islam) and to stop the spread of Islam.

3 On that fateful night, one of the policemen's bullets paralyzed one brother for life and others received serious wounds in the chest and private areas. They were all shot down for no reason other than that the devils wanted to kill the righteous as they have done in the past to the Prophets and followers, from Moses to Muhammad.

4 And after shooting down six unarmed worshipers of Allah and with one dead, they felt happy to boast that they had killed one of my followers. The same devil policeman who killed that follower said he shot the others and was trying to kill them all.

5 Again, this same devil was not wounded or even scratched by any of the Muslims, who were not armed and had nothing with which to retaliate against such a sudden attack, our fathers and mothers and now the murderers of us.

6 For thirty-two years I have been trying to teach my people, the so-called American Negroes, the way of peace, and I have a record just that long in trying to live in peace with our open enemies. I have even warned my followers never to be the aggressors, as the religion of Islam teaches us that we cannot teach peace and then be the first to break peace with carnal weapons. I know who the fight belongs to. It belongs to Allah (God).

7 Allah wants to make Himself known in the Western Hemisphere: that He is our God and has come to save us from the hands of our enemies and place us again in our own country and among our own people. He has said that He would do this job of delivering us and destroying those who have destroyed us. This is prophesied almost throughout the Bible.

8 He further said that there is no way of getting along with the white race in peace. They have been found by the Scientists of Islam to be disagreeable to live with in peace. The twelve Scientists met to confer over the possibility of returning us, the lost-founds in the wilderness of North America, to our own.

9 This can and will be done or the Prophets could be called liars, and liars they cannot be made, for they deliver the words of Almighty Allah (God) or his message, and that message is from the Lord of the Worlds (Allah) who cannot lie.

10 In Detroit, Michigan, where we were first attacked outright by the Police Department in April, 1934, we were also unarmed. There were no deaths on the part of the Believers, however. They fought back against the policemen who attacked them for no just cause whatsoever but that they wanted our Muslim children to go to their schools. We refused to let the children take their first course sin the public schools, although the high school children in their upper teens could do so. But let us shape our children first.

11 This was the cause of the attack at that time and Allah was with us and we had been peaceful there all the while. However, it was said after the battle with my followers who had nothing to fight with but their hands, that there was hospitalization on both sides.

12 There was no loss of lives on the side of the Muslims and not a gun was fired by them. The Lieutenant of police, the Captain and Commissioner of Police, had warned them to not use firearms against us because we were not armed -- this was true. But when the battle was over there were more of them hospitalized than there were of us.

13 One year later, here in Chicago, Illinois, the Police Court on 11th and State Streets, there was a complaint made against one of my followers, concerning his children going to our school, the University of Islam. As the courtroom began to fill with spectators, two court deputies showed disrespect for the Muslim women. They started, pushing them around and the Muslim brothers resented this harsh handling of the women. The police officers then began beating the men and almost within seconds the entire courtroom was in confusion and fight.

14 When the battle was over, the Police Captain lay dead from a heart attack and others were wounded by their own gun fire. They opened fire upon my followers point blank in the courtroom because of their (Muslims) seeking justice in the charge made against us and our school as in Detroit, Michigan, the previous year.

15 In Detroit, Michigan, the Police Department charged us with Acontributing to the delinquency of minors,@ involving one of our students, Sally Allah, who had left the public school and had come over to the University of Islam. They charged us with going around to the various school grounds, begging our poor black children to leave the white schools and come over to their own.

16 This is when they made the charge of contributing to the delinquency of minors. The records are in Chicago to date for anyone to read. Now one year later (1935) here in Chicago, Illinois, they attack us on nearly the same charge. They wanted to school our children, they wanted them to go to their public schools.

17 We know that kindergarten children and first graders once in Islam cannot be taken into Christian schools without having to suffer mockery and attack from the Christian children and from the Christian teachers who hate Islam, the God of Islam, and the Prophets of Islam.

18 Therefore, we believe that to keep peace with the Christians, we must teach our children in their own schools although they may study the same textbooks. And this will prevent clashes between the Muslims and Christians over the truth of the history of the people and the spiritual guidance and message that Allah has revealed to me.

19 The message of Islam is bringing about one of the greatest reforms, for a better life to the American so-called Negroes, greater than it did ever to the Arabs fourteen hundred years ago. I would compare this reform here with that of the Israelites under Moses four thousand years ago, to prove the teachings of Almighty Allah (God) of the white race being made the devils from the beginning and that they are not ones who seek peace. They only use the word peace to deceive the black people, to get a chance at making mischief among them, and causing bloodshed.

20 Know that by nature the black people are for peace and know by nature that the white people are for war, bloodshed and are destroyers of high morals. They refuse to show any respect to their peaceful, free slaves in America today. They know that we are not armed -- in thirty-two years they have learned that my followers are not armed. They have learned that the God of peace is with us by watching great mass meetings of ours and never seeing even a dispute arise.

21 If the white race were for peace they would thank God for raising up in their midst a peaceful people who do not desire to make any mischief among them. Here we have the NAACP, CORE and various other organizations before our eyes, who attempt to try achieving their aims of asking for freedom, justice and equality with the slave-masters= children without weapons, without anything harmful. They lie down at the feet of the vicious, weakened, human-like beast only to be kicked and stamped upon and have dogs sicked upon them to rip their flesh apart and poison them with rabid teeth.

22 They have no respect for people who want to be at peace with them. They have no respect for the laws of justice. They have made trouble all over the world with people who were at peace among themselves until the white shadows of the trouble-makers spread out over them.

23 We have history that they, themselves. Have written of self, bearing witness to what I am teaching today. What must be done since we cannot get along with them in peace?