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Coordinates: 6°34′48″N 0°43′47″W / 6.58000°N 0.72972°W / 6.58000; -0.72972

CountryFlag of Ghana.svg Ghana
RegionEastern Region
DistrictKwahu South District
1,204 ft (367 m)
 • Total36,000

Mpraeso is the capital of the Kwahu South District in Ghana, located at an altitude of 367 m on the Kwahu Plateau, which forms the south-west boundary of Lake Volta. Mpraeso is about three hours' drive north-west from Accra. The population is about 36,000.[1]

In the 2008 presidential elections run-off, 18,068 people in the Mpraeso constituency voted for Nana Akufo-Addo while 8,632 voted for John Atta Mills, the winner of the national vote.[2]

The town is the home of the Mpraeso Secondary School (MPASS).[3]

Mpraeso is famous for pottery, particularly for its grinding bowls: shallow dishes with strong, inverted rims and ridges on the interior used to grind vegetables such as tomato, pepper or okra using a small wooden pestle.[4]

The discovery of Bauxite near Mpraeso, announced in 1924, led to the development of the Bauxite mining industry along the Volta River.[5]

The headwaters of the Pra River are near Mpraeso.


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