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New-Juaben Municipal District
Region Eastern Region
District type Municipal
District Chief Executive Kwasi Adjei-Boateng
Capital Koforidua
Area 216 km²
Population (2002) 136,753

The New-Juaben Municipal District is a district of Ghana in the Eastern Region. The capital lies at Koforidua.


Left:Boti Falls. Right:Akan Falls.

The New Juaben Municipality falls within the Eastern Region of Ghana. The municipality covers an estimated area of 110 square kilometers constituting 0.57 % of the total land area of the Eastern Region.[1] The municipality has 48 electoral areas. It has an annual rainfall ranging from 50 – 120 inches and 20 – 32 celsius mean annual temperatures.

The municipality shares boundaries with East-Akim Municipality to the northeast, Akwapim North District to the east and south and Suhum Kraboa Coaltar District to the west. Koforidua City (New Juaben) is made up of several towns and neighborhoods, including Effiduase, Asokore, Oyoko, Jumapo , Suhyen, Dansuagya, Betom, Srodae, etc.

A predominant natural feature in Koforidua is the 'Obuo Tabri' Mountain, which is considered sacred. Nearby is Akosombo Dam which holds Lake Volta, the world's largest man-made lake. Waterfalls in the area such as Akan Falls and Boti Falls and the the Umbrella Rock attract tourists to the region.


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it:Distretto Municipale di New-Juaben