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Nkawkaw Eastern Region Ghana.jpg
CountryFlag of Ghana.svg Ghana
RegionEastern Region
DistrictKwahu West
 • Total53,520

Nkawkaw (meaning "the red, red") is an important town in the Kwahu West District of the Eastern Region of Ghana, with an estimated population in 2010 at 53,520.[1] The town is inhabited by the Obomeng and Atibie ethnic groups.

Nkawnkaw is situated on the road and former railway between Accra and Kumasi, and lies about halfway between these cities. It is also connected by road to Koforidua and Konongo. Nkawkaw is one of the major towns of the Kwahu Mountains. Historically it is not considered as a Kwahu town because its not on top of the mountain range. It is also home to the Nkawkaw Park (stadium).

Nkawkaw has three hotels. Rojo Hotel is located on the road towards Koforidua and is the best in the town and has a wide range of dishes and a swimming pool. Topway Hotel is located on the same road as Rojo, though it is much closer to the center of town and the Ecowas Point motel is located on the Accra-Kumasi road, in the northern part of Nkawkaw. The rooms have air-conditioning, fans and a television in every room and a good restaurant.

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