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Map of Haiti showing Nord-Est department.

Nord-Est (English: North-East, Haitian Creole: Nòdès) is one of the ten departments (French: départements) of Haiti. It has an area of 1,805 km² and a population of 283,800 (2002). Its capital is Fort-Liberté. It used to be part of Nord Department. It borders the Dominican Republic to the east.

The department is divided into four arrondissements:

  1. Fort-Liberté Arrondissement
  2. Ouanaminthe Arrondissement
  3. le Trou-du-Nord Arrondissement
  4. Vallières Arrondissement

Coordinates: 19°40′04″N 71°50′23″W / 19.6678°N 71.8397°W / 19.6678; -71.8397

da:Nord-Est (Haiti) de:Nord-Est (Haiti) es:Departamento Nordeste (Haití) eo:Nord-Est (Haitio) fr:Nord-Est (département d'Haïti) hr:Nord-Est, Haiti it:Dipartimento del Nord-Est ht:Nòdès nl:Nord-Est (Haïti) ja:北東県 no:Nord-Est (Haiti) pl:Departament Północno-Wschodni pt:Nordeste (Haiti) ru:Северо-Восточный департамент simple:Nord-Est Department fi:Nord-Est (Haiti) sv:Nord-Est (Haiti) zh:东北省 (海地)