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The Northern Region was one of Nigeria's federal divisions. It was created before independence in 1960, with its capital at Kaduna. In 1962 it acquired the territory of the British Northern Cameroons, who had voted to become part of Nigeria.

In 1967 the region was split into states - Benue-Plateau State, Kano State, Kwara State, North-Central State, North-Eastern State and North-Western State. These would later be renamed and split up themselves. The North Central State's capital was Kaduna, and after further loss of territory is now known as Kaduna State.

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Coordinates: 10°31′N 7°26′E / 10.517°N 7.433°E / 10.517; 7.433

ja:北部州 (ナイジェリア) pt:Região Norte da Nigéria yo:Agbègbè Apáàríwá Nàìjíríà