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Oba Erediauwa
Oba Erediauwa.jpg
Nigeria- Oba of Benin. Early 1900's

The Oba of Benin is the king of the Benin Kingdom and its Edo people, who refer to themselves as Ovbiedo. Another common term of the people is Bini. The Benin Kingdom is in Edo state, in the country of Nigeria. Leaders of the Benin Kingdom connect their origin to a dynasty that began in the 14th century. The title of Oba is passed down by patriarchal lineage. Upon the current Oba's death his first born son retains the title. To commemorate his father, the new Oba casts a Head of an Oba (his father) and places it in an ancestral alter in the palace.

The Oba is Often called by his praise name "Great head" for the accentuating headdress to represent him as a center of Responsibility over the Benin Kingdom.

  • The Benin Kingdom in Nigeria is not to be confused with the country of Benin which shares the name, but is west of Nigeria.
Notice the Edo state in the south-central portion of Nigeria. Also, the unrelated country of Benin in the west.

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