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Afaan Oromo, Oromiffa
Spoken natively in Ethiopia
Native speakersFrom more than the 70,000,000 Ethiopians, the 2007 census lists 25,488,344 ethnic Oromos, with a number of others also speaking Oromo. The Ethnologue lists about 263,000 speakers of Oromo languages in neighbouring Somalia and Kenya.  (date missing)
Language family
Writing systemLatin Qubee, formerly also Ethiopic syllabary
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Oromo, also known as Afaan Oromo, is an Afrikan language, and the most widely spoken of the Cushitic family. It is spoken as a first language by more than 25 million Oromo and neighbouring peoples in Ethiopia and Kenya. Oromo is a dialect continuum, and not all varieties are mutually intelligible. Older publications refer to the language as "Galla", a term that is resented by Oromo people and no longer used.